Your Black Politics: Julianne Malveaux Gives Credit to President Obama for His Recent Victory

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by Dr. Julianne Malveaux – President, Bennett College for Women

I had an elderly relative who used to say, “We have to give due where due is due”. Of course she meant “credit where credit is due”, but she was so old and so engaging, that instead of ever correcting her, I often imitated her mangled remark. I thought of her last week when President Obama, standing firm, backed House Speaker John Boehner (R-xxx) into a corner and essentially forced his hand in extending tax cuts and unemployment insurance for two more months. Boehner and his Tea Party colleagues were insisting on a one-year deal, but the Senate had passed a two month deal because they could only identify enough funds to pay for two months of extension. Senate Democrats and Republicans had agreed to come back and find money for the rest of the year, but the House drew a hard line that they eventually had to soften. Bottom line – President Obama went to Hawaii to celebrate Christmas with a victory under his belt. House Speaker John Boehner went home with a lump of coal in his stocking.

via Your Black Politics: Julianne Malveaux Gives Credit to President Obama for His Recent Victory.


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  1. Now I wish someone would take that lump of coal out of his throat and throw it upside his head…lolololol

  2. Why is it that NO ONE is willing to tell the American People the 9 Hostage Taking Items Republicans were asking the American People to Pay to Extend the Bill for One Year. Talk to the American they are not Stupid tell them the truth.

    Among the Biggest Demands from the House Republicans they were Planning to Exact on the American People for that 1 year Extension that Boehner and Cantor kept lying about wanting to give to the American and kept saying that the American People deserved to Have A One Year Extension vs. a 2 month Extension;

    Here’s what Cantor & Boehner and the House Republicans Demanded and only then would they give the American People a 1 YEAR TAX EXTENSION

    Republicans Passed a 1 year Tax Cut Extension for the Middle Class that would;

    1. Reduce Unemployment Benefits by 44 Weeks. The hardest hit states would lose 40 weeks of unemployment under the proposed bill. All other states would lose between 14 and 34 weeks.

    2. Required Mandatory “DRUG TESTING” for All Americans Reveiginv Unemployment Benefits

    3. Required All Americans receiving Unemployment to Get A GED Before they could be Paid andy benefits

    4. Removed Regulations (Deregulated) Incenerators and Boilers) That could lead to 25,000+ a year Pre-Mature Deaths

    5. Stripped $8 Billion Dollars from Preventive Health Care for all Americans Under the New HEalth Care Act

    6. Closes Strip Club Loopeholes; The plan assumes that people are using food stamps for liquor, gambling and strip clubs, and therefore closes the “strip club loophole” that supposedly lets welfare recipients use their electronic benefits cards in such establishments.

    7. Requires Children Social Security Numbers; Requires undocumented immigrants and others to submit their children’s Social Security numbers before they could receive refunds under the children’s tax credit.

    8. Blocks The Required Enviromental Review of the Keystone Pipeline; The bill would prevent the State Department from finishing its review of the Canada-to-Texas Keystone pipeline, and mandate its construction before environmental concerns are fully addressed. Republicans taunt thousands of jobs, however experts report 50 fulltime jobs and they are Canadian

    Just tell the American People the truth. Republicans kept running to the cameras saying they wanted to give the Working Americans a 1 year Tax Extension, what they did not tell you is the Price all those 160 Million Americans would have to pay to get that 1 year tax cut

    Not one News Media asked any Republican that ran before the camers exactly what the 160 Million Americans had to give up to get the 1 year Tax Extention

    I wonder why?

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