Donald Trump Says that Black People Have No Good Role Models

by / December 6, 2011 News 12 Comments

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Your Black World reports:

Donald “Birther” Trump, appeared on the “Today Show” with Matt Lauer, and co-signed his capitalist-in-arms, Newt Gingrich, who recently stated that poor children have poor work habits and no role models.

“Maybe it wasn’t politically correct, but it happens to be the truth,” he told Lauer. “I think one of the reasons he’s surging, I mean he’s like a rocket ship, is the fact that he says it like it is.”

Making the media rounds to plug he and his hair’s scheduled moderation of the Dec. 27 GOP debate, the man who’s spent more time in bankruptcy than a Catholic sinner in confession, made one exception — then just as quickly walked it back, saying that “President Obama is the inner city’s only role model,” but “Unfortunately, he hasn’t turned out to be much of [one].”

He never backed down from his statement, even when nudged by Lauer to admit that there had to be more than one role model in urban (read: Black and Latino) communities, and Trump said there was not one — and “it’s sad.”

You already know who got upset, right?

via Your Black News: Sharpton Invites The Donald To The Hood To Prove Poor People Have Role Models.



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  1. I happen to agree with “The Don” there are no true role models in the urban community. I guess because the white man said it he’s I quote “A right wing racist idiot”. What does that make us when we sit and what the news, read articles, and hear stories about our communities and we say these damn niggas we someone to lead them in the right direction. Or why they dressed like that (pants on the ground) That old man made the song people laughed him off The Don see your problem you mad. SMH at your stupidity for thinking we do have role models. Role models that are making a real difference should I say. I think the way he said it was wrong. What he should have said was there are not enough true positive role models in the urban communities.
    Signed a A.A. Woman living in and watching our community crash and burn right before my face

    • @Rashib Taylor-Davis. Either your a dumb black conservative or a white racist pretending to be black to agree with Trump. Either way black or white you’re an idiot.

    • i disagree with you and “Mr.Trump” this is crazy, THERE ARE PLENTY of BLACK AND LATINO roll models PRESIDENT OBAMA (the FIRST AND ONLY black president), OPRAH ( a black millionare), FIRST LADY MICHELLE, AL SHARPEN, JAY-Z, BEYONCE, ALICIA KEYS…there is sucessful woman and men of color everywhere you look just open your eyes ma’am… Mr. Trump can’t tell me anything about “urban living” because he doesn’t know anything about it his self…he hasn’t lived like us, he hasn’t been to our schools, or walked our streets….one thing i hate is when ppl try to label a people but doesn’t know anything about them…
      SIGNED… a african american black college student FIGHTING the odds and is DETERMINED TO MAKE IT because of my african american roll models…thank you black ppl !

      • Lacey Nichole, I disagree with you to some extent regarding your list of black role models. While I agree with you that President Obama, and Mrs Obama are great role models capable of inspiring our young black people, adding Jay-Z, Beyounce, or even Alicia Keyes to that list is ridiculous, and I think therein lies the problem with our youth. We need to immediately put an end to offering up entertainers as role models to our kids. I mean what nonsense it is? This is a total flawed sense of reasoning. We need our youth to challenge their minds and intellect by aspiring to to be Scientists, Engineers, Doctors, Astrophysicists, Economists, lawyers, Congressmen/women, Senators, etc. Black kids do not need entertainers, and comedians. Music, entertainment, and sports has dominated our black world and this is exactly why we are lost as a people. Let’s teach our children about people like Major Robert Lawrence, Guion Bluford, Ronald Mcnair, Dr. Mae Jamison, Dr. Bernard Harris, etc. Read up on these people. These were all African American Astronauts who excelled in their professional endeavors. Also read up on black Neurosurgeon, Dr. Ben Carson. These are men and women we need to uphold as role models (aside from responsible parents) to the black youth. If millions of our youth see these overachievers are role models, there is a chance that many would aspire to follow in their footsteps. That would be the beginning of our redemption as a people. Enough with the hip hop foolishness, and for the love of God, stop presenting entertainers as role models to black youth. If anything, it diminishes the already diminished minds of our people. It is time for some serious mental reformation.

    • And Donald Trump is a role model? Please. Spare me. He’s a caricature.

      Role models are not just public figures and politicians. They are teachers, counselors, mothers and fathers, police officers and firefighters, nurses, grassroots activists, business owners, etc. So Donald just dismisses all these people as if they don’t exist? The arrogance is astounding. The narcissism is scary. He is obviously ignorant, and perhaps the only reason he got rich was because of his gall and white privilege.

      There are ignorant people in all racial groups. That some white people are supporting Newt G. despite his ridiculous comments about poor children and a past record of arrogance shows they are suckers for “the surface” of things. They will allow their prejudices to override common sense. Newt is referring not just to black and Latino poor but also to white poor people, but white people actually think he doesn’t reference them or won’t attack them.

      If anything, white people are also lacking role models. The many sociopathic politicians who will go to great lengths to see the first black president fail are the same ones who are blocking resources to white people. The white middle class is seeing the trickle-down effects of racism: First they target the minorities, then they come after you. No wonder Occupy Wall Street has evolved. White people are now suffering a similar fate in some ways as minorities, which many whites overlooked when they thought they were not affected.

      Why are some whites so quick to say there are no positive black and Latinos as role models when their own race shows the same range of ignorant and violent people. What about the many whites who get interviewed on these TV shows of real-life crime? White men serial killers (who kill mostly white women for sex, treating these innocent women’s lives as nothing more than there for a man’s control), white men killing their pregnant wives, white women murdering innocent people in the name of “love” (only to learn they were manipulated by men who get off on controlling and abusing women), or due to money and greed, white people pretending a black man did a crime (Susan Smith killed her kids and Charles Stuart killed his pregnant wife but blamed it on black men).

  2. I am sorry for anyone who listens to Trump.
    Before desegration we were defined by our parents,teachers neighboors pastors etc.
    Since that time we seem to listen to others of the euro background define us.
    Let’s not listen to those who know little about us try and define us.

    • I agree. Most black people see this for what it is. Two white racist pandering to their equally racist supporters.

  3. I’m just curious as to what qualifies this bastard to speak to who the black and latino community looks to as role models when he has little to ZERO experience with people of color on a day to day basis? Your driver doesnt count, Donny boy…..spend a little more time combing that God awful mess of a hairdo and then we can talk socio-cultural reality of black people in 2011-12.

  4. The real question for the Donald is what kind of roll model do folks that look like him have He’s certainly no bodies roll model an so many I have come to meet are seriously ignorant people Sadly with no one to even tell them their problem because their to busy dissecting others
    Black folks have plenty of roll models My kid has always been very proud of me an my husband, even though were not well known actors or millionaires We had a good life an we raised him to be the very best that he can be Yes he considers us his roll models
    Donald Trump believes because he has millions an he’s White That’s all that’s needed in life If I didn’t dislike him so much I could feel sorry for him, but I’ve decided he’s not worth feeling sorry for I’ll allow him to just suffer

  5. Donald Trump can KISS MY ASS!! The egotistical bastard.

  6. Role models need not be celebrities. Just because a person is not famous and not on TV does not mean they cannot be role models. My father, brother, uncle, minister and a regular good guy close to me can be more effective as a role model to me than a stranger on TV who just happens to have the same color of skin as I do. Good for Oprah, but she’s not my role model, I do not know her other than her image on TV. Donald Trump is not just a racist, he is an accomplished idiot. And the likes of Matt Lauer give him audience to vent his angst.

  7. His opinion matters to me…why? Next!!!

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