You Can ONLY Have One Sexual Partner If You Want To Help Save A Life

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With the donor pool as slim as it is, and the waiting list as long as it is, I’m surprised that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention would propose such a limiting provision in its new set of health guidelines.

Under the proposed policy, people who’ve had sex with two or more people in the past year will be placed in a high-risk donor category, noting the increased potential for spreading HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C. Have things gotten that bad?

via You Can ONLY Sleep With One Person Per Year If You Want To Be An Organ Donor.


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  1. damn

  2. Why would any self respecting conscious woman or man want sex with more than one person? Simply because they can or because it is expected? Just sayin


  3. Wow, so far I can be a donor. They better get to me before my birthday. O_o. Lol Jk.

  4. This is serious. The rate of HIV/STD infection is rising in the African American communities, even though this blog posted a while ago that it was decreasing. Check the CDC website. People are unknowingly infecting and becoming infected and no one is taking it seriously. Get tested, abstain, use condoms only after you have verified test results. Protect yourself. This is a death sentence unless you have Magic Johnson's insurance plan and money.

  5. Wow

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