If a Woman Can Choose to Abort a Child, Can a Man Choose Not to Pay?

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dr boyce watkins and george james discuss the concept of the financial abortionSome women’s rights groups say that a woman can decide whether or not to abort a child without any intervention from the father.  If that’s the case, can the father then choose whether or not he’d like to participate in the financial responsibility that comes with raising that child?

In the video below, Dr. Boyce Watkins and relationship counselor George James discuss the concept of the “Financial abortion.”  What’s the fairest way to approach the complex issue of child birth?


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  1. How about being responsible and taking more care in who who have sex with and if a child is conceived, then being a man and helping emotionally and financially to care for the child?
    I swear, so many tacky and irresponsible men who look for loopholes to not help raise their own kids! What if you have a future Shaq or Halle or Spike? You wanna be a daddy then, right? Exactly.
    Men face their responsibilities, boys run from them.

    • I have had this discussion with people before. Why is it that if a man doesn’t want the child when the woman is pregnant that it doesn’t matter what he thinks and he is forced to pay if she gives birth. Also, how about if the woman doesn’t want the child and the man does. Again, he has no say so in the matter. He can’t even take her to court to have the baby and give it up for adoption.

      • I agree, double standards should be outlawed. Both individuals should have a say in the matter!

    • Momma’s baby, Daddy’s maybe…

  2. A man can choose to give up his parental rights and not have to pay child support. Or maybe he should consider a different method of birth control prior to conception.

    • women have the right to choose not to give it up in the first place

    • Waitadangminute, I don’t believe that’s true!! That’s kind of the whole point. Nothing a man signs releases him from financial responsibility in the future. That’s my understanding.

  3. If you think abortion is birth control you shouldn’t be having sex. PERIOD!!

    • Birth control means abstinence.

  4. Wow. How pathetic. On both parts. If you have sex, you need to be ready to face the consequences that it may cause. Man or woman, it doesn’t matter

  5. I think men should have more right’s to their children, there are a lot of women who are abusing the system (Child Support and court’s) for their personal advantage. My answer to the question is Yes, men shouldn’t be liable for something that’s not part of the contract (unplanned child). They should make DNA Testing a MUST for all pregnancies.

  6. Here’s a thought: For the men who think their decision doesn’t count in the matter it does. You get 2 chances to make the best decision: before you have sex w/the woman & again right before you have sex w/the woman. Anytime after that you’ve pretty much forfeited your choice & anything is fair game including those child support payments &/or the consequences you pay if you don’t pay it

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  8. women have the right to KILL BABIES and the right to KILL YOU via the child support system..

    Men have been castrated, they have their kids legeally KIDNAPPED from them and still forced to PAY for his KIDNAPPED OFFSPRING..

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