Why Aren’t More Black Voters Supporting Ron Paul?

by / December 17, 2011 News 3 Comments

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While African Americans’ relationship with Democrats has become a highly publicized marriage, a rising chorus of African American liberals and independents are quick to highlight Democrats’ exploitation of the Black voter, campaigning to the concerns of the community only to forsake the things that matter to African Americans once they are in office.

This is one of the major gripes African Americans have with current president Barack Obama, who despite having attracted 96 percent of the Black vote in the last election, seems to be losing support from many in the community unsatisfied with his first term.

This backlash of sorts has led many to demand a Republican alternative. This backlash is exactly why Herman Cain, despite not being a Democrat, became popular. But Cain was still largely a status quo candidate.

For African American looking for an alternative to the current administration, while also avoiding handing their vote over to the same as usual Republican field, the question remains: Why not Ron Paul?

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  1. Because he would not have supported the Civil Rights Act of 1965. Mr. Paul is still on the wrong side of history. http://www.theatlanticwire.com/politics/2011/05/ron-paul-would-have-opposed-civil-rights-act-1964/37726/

  2. Ron Paul talks a good game some things he says are on point esp why America is hated in other countries . The one thing that holds me back from jumping on his band wagon is those racist news letters maybe if he had come clean early on apologizing and explaining he was young and dumb back then maybe I could have forgiven him .

  3. Why would Black people support someone who has a paper trail showing his disdain and hatred of them.

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