Whoopi Goldberg Sounds Off About Newt Gingrich’s ‘Poor Kids’ Comments

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“The View” host attacks the GOP front-runner’s comments about poor children.



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  1. These comments by Newt Gingrich and now Donald Trump are clearly meant to be racist. There is no pretense of coded language here. What Newt is doing is playing to his white racist conservative teabag base. Republicans know they will never get any measurable black support so they don’t give a damn if black people are offended. President Obama should have taken a page out of that book and play to his solid 95% black base. Unfortunately President Obama didn’t even want to acknowledge black people until election time rolled around again. For three years the president pandered to every special interest group from gays, Latinos, white women and even white racist teabaggers but refused to acknowledge the problems of the black poor. Too bad Whoopie Goldberg and other black critics didn’t get just as offended by that.

  2. david2001…..stupid should hurt.

    • @Calvin…then I guess you’re in a lot of pain.

      • david2001:

        to be explicit with your dumbass…i don’t recall obama making any racist statements about black people for whoopie to be offended. if you want to attack obama, do so without using the racist remarks by newt as a pretext to voice your sentiments because your position was
        stupid… you big dummy!

        i understand everyone is entitled to be stupid…but you are abusing the privilege.

        • LOL You sound real angry Calvin. Usually mentally challenge people get frustrated and use insults when they can’t articulate what’s on their mind. If you want to read stupidity all you have to do is read your comment over and over again.

          Any “intelligent” person reading my comment could comprehend what I was saying. You need to stay off of blogs commenting if you have difficulty comprehending what others are saying Calvin. No where in my comment did I say President Obama said anything racist or compared his ignoring black Americans for three years to Newt Gingrich or Donald Trumps”s racism. My point simply put is that the president should have stood by black American his solid base the same way white conservatives stand by their base no matter how misguided and or racist they are. IMO it should have been just as offensive to Whoopie and other blacks that President Obama pandered to everyones agenda INCLUDING WHITE RACIST TEABAGGERS ALL THE WHILE IGNORING HIS BLACK BASE!!!

          Newsflash for you Calvin, these blogs are to express your opinions. I don’t need a pretext to do it! If you think otherwise you need to step away from the keyboard and take your meds. Good thing for Obamacare because you certainly need it. After you take your meds you need to go lay down.

          • david2001:

            i’m not angry…just allergic to stupid people. and on the meds…people like you are the reason people like me need medication.

            you say mentally challeged people get frustrated and use insults when they cannot articulate what is on their mind….then you insult me in your next sentence. i have come to the opinion that not only are you stupid, but also a hypocrite.

            if you don’t the money for professional counseling, i recommend that you don’t be a richard in life…and that admitting you an asshole is the first step in seeing your hypocracy and controlling your disdain for obama. you say any intelligent person could comprehend what you were saying…really!!!! if you cannot laugh at yourself, let me do it for you.

            hopefully this will help you slay your demons…now sit your stupid ass down somewhere and sh_t the f_ck _p

            …all that is missing is U.

  3. This is a clear example of what is WRONG in our Black World…childish arguing! Everyone is entitled to their opinions! Was the put downs and insults worth it guys? Learn to agree to disagree without appearing catty and child-like! Blessings to you both!

  4. Poopi Goldnigger is just a foul sheboon. That thing would scare a bulldog out of the back of a meat truck.

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