TJ Holmes to Leave CNN for BET

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Former CNN weekend news anchor T.J. Holmes has decided to hang up his CNN hat and take on the challenge of running things at BET.  A rep from CNN just confirmed that Holmes will be hitting the exit, and BET has just announced that TJ will sign a multi-platform deal with the network.

Holmes has become a staple for CNN Weekend, working the show “Newsroom” since 2006.  CNN’s website says the following:

Since joining CNN, Holmes has anchored numerous major breaking news stories, including the network’s coverage of the tornadoes that destroyed Joplin, MO, the Gulf oil spill in 2010, terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India and the conflict between Russia and the former Soviet Republic of Georgia in 2008; the Virginia Tech shooting from location in Blacksburg, Virginia and the terrorist attacks at the Glasgow Airport in Scotland in 2007; and Saddam Hussein’s execution in 2006.

Holmes will host a new show on BET and give content to BET.com, bringing stories to the news audience.

“We are simply ecstatic to have T.J. Holmes coming to our fold. He’s been an outstanding news anchor and we look forward to working with him in a variety of new ways on BET,” said Stephen G. Hill, President of Music Programming and Specials at BET Networks. “It’s now upon us to develop vehicles that capture his intelligence, curiosity about the world, warmth, humor and compassion. It’s a challenge that we are happy to have.”

Holmes brings much-needed legitimacy to BET, a network that is known as a black-hole for the careers of many aspiring journalists and actors.  The network has also taken criticism for being owned by majority white corporations and promoting messages that are detrimental to th African American community.  Holmes brings a squeaky clean image that may change all of that, but with Viacom pulling the strings, the future of BET is anyone’s guess.



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  1. Now this what we are supposed to do is bring our talent to our people. NOW BET (even though it is owned by VIACOM), the president o the network, programming department, and promotions department have to push for the news to return to BET. We have to learn from the past that ONE of the things was the downfall of BET was getting rid of the news. You have a talent like TJ Holmes coming over we have to use it. BET messed up with Ed Gordon so let’s get this right!

  2. This concerns me because BET has had access to many many many talented journalists and each time they (BET) dropped the ball.

  3. I am not quіte sure what yοu shοuld commend ωith
    this рost. To ѕtart I saω the tіtle, TJ Holmes to Leave CNN for BET | Black Like Moi, anԁ
    I waѕ skeptical. But looking at it I аm glad Ӏ dip іnto it.

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