Tina Knowles Is A ‘Single Lady’ Now

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Beyonce’s mama is now free to do her own “thang.”  The divorce is finally done and over with, and she is now legally disconnected from her estranged husband, Mathew.   The story was broke to the nation by Lady Drama two years ago and it’s taken this long for their situation to be over and done with.

Mathew was served a paternity suit by Alexsandra Wright, with whom he was believed to have had an affair.   She’s quite a bit  younger than he is, so maybe Beyonce won’t mind having a young step mama.  Some women are applauding Tina’s decision to divorce Mathew over infidelity.   But is a little wandering worth throwing away 31 years of marriage?  Let’s hope that the independent life in your fifties is worth the cost.