Study Says: Black-Americans Prefer To Be Called Black Rather Than African-American

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Unbeknownst to many, Blacks in America struggle to “gain footing” and adopt a solid identity in America. The reference to Blacks in America as African-American can be misleading and further disassociate them from America and American culture.

Black Americans argue that when a White-African immigrates to America, they are not referred to as being African-American; they are referred to as White. Furthermore, when a Black-African immigrates to America, they become African-American. While Blacks could not be more proud of their roots, which happen to be the same roots for all of mankind, they want to be able to identify with who they truly are, American.

99% percent of Black-Americans cannot travel to Africa and knock on a family members’ door attempting to initiate some holiday family reunion. In fact, most Blacks who attempt to embrace the “Africanism” of their distinction as an African-American are left feeling like a wannabe as they have no tribal connection in Africa and no geographic region of Africa to associate with.

A forum on City-Data (http://www.city-data.com/forum/politics-other-controversies/965165-only-blacks-do-u-want-called.html) conducted a poll in 2010 proposing the question to Blacks asking, “Do you want to be called Black or African-American?”  Although the population of total persons who answered was not very large, 85% of persons who did answer said they prefer to be called, or referred to as, Black.



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  1. ‘Black’ was given/imposed and is wrong, for we all are not the COLOR black. Although we ARE people of various shades of a dark COLOR close to black, it was not the reason the enslaving bastards( they didn’t know who the were either and were wanting to create a ‘THEM vs. US’ situation–The Peculiar Institution!) chose “BLACK”. The justification was for rationalizing the acceptability of slavery from their made-up religious belief/values that uses ‘black’ in a negative fashion( black as sin, death or bad) and ‘white’ as positive( pure, innocent, clean, lamb or Christ-like garment). African American gave ‘us’ an equal status as a people with a positive history, culture and pride. Most people in general and ‘us’ in this situation don’t know about this stuff and just go along with what ever . . . .

  2. I don’t like to be call African American becase we don’t know if we ready came from Africa. and most black who from slaves don’t know nothing about Africa most of us want go to Africa our people bent here more than 500 years so that make us American not African

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