R.I.P: Another Shooting at Virginia Tech; Officer and Gunman Dead | What The Ha-yell!

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Lightening may never strike the same spot twice, but bullets can.

Five years after the Virginia Tech massacre—the deadliest shooting in modern U.S. history—the school has fallen victim to violence once again.

A gunman killed a police officer in the VT parking lot Thursday, then shot himself, according to sources. The cause of his death has not been verified. Officers responded to reports of suspicious activity and spotted the alleged shooter with a gunshot wound and a weapon nearby. They will not confirm how the shooter died.

Ironically, the shooting occurred on the same day that VT officials were in the nation’s capital appealing a government fine for their delayed responsive action in the 2007 massacre on campus that left 33 people dead. Student, Seung-Hui Cho, shot two students in their dorm room and Virginia Tech officials waited nearly two hours to inform the campus of the threat. Even then, the email was vague, alluding to a domestic dispute, with no mention of death or a potential threatening situation. School officials say they believed that the gunman had fled.

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