Shani K. Collins: For Single Ladies, There’s a blessing in waiting

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shani k. collins gives advice to single black women

Your  best  friend  recently  married; another  one  calls  to  say,  “I’m having a baby.” You are excited for them but you find yourself longing, wondering and secretly asking, Lord, when will it be my turn? What do you do when everyone around  you  experiences  the  joys  of  a great job promotion, a new fiancé, a new home, a new degree, a new car, or a new baby?

How do you stay focused on God when your  life’s dreams and goals have not come to fruition?

The answer is simple: you wait on the Lord.

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  1. Shani K. Collins…..

    OMG!!!! Finally a “YOUNG BLACK WOMAN” with some sense…

    Shani K. Collins… I know this is God speaking thru you because the message is very “SIMPLY & SHORT” straight to the point, and this is how God communicates with us.

    God bless you my young sister…


  2. This young lady is so right! Imagine how the lives of many Black women would be if they would be patient and wait upon the lord. It is written in the good book that “They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength”. Everyone’s life is written differently. You have to await your turn and be patient. God will eventually send your blessing in your due season.

  3. Thank you my sister..I was just praying and telling the Lord He isi no Respector of persons..All my friends have homes, good jovs, and so on..But then I remind myself that God loves me and no good thing will he withhold from me..So God I Trust You!!

  4. I’m 52 yrs old and have never had a decent relationship with a man in my whole life time….I’ve waited & waited , maybe my answer is “NO”…..I’m done !!!

  5. SharonG, I’ve got you beat by 6 years, but I have to say, reading these comments echoes those of my soon to be 90 year old mother who has CONSISTENTLY said ‘wait on The Lord and be of GOOD courage.’ You sisters are encouraging. I’m going to keep waiting, and in the meantime, keep living the GOOD life God is granting us. Let us ‘Be Strong’ together. It’s not easy, but I have learned the rough way, the only person I don’t want to disappoint is God.

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