Report: Herman Cain Will Endorse Newt Gingrich

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herman cain is expected to endorse newt gingrich



Black Like Moi/Your Black World reports

After seeing his campaign end as quickly as it fired up, Herman Cain is expected to endorse Newt Gingrich for the Republican nomination for President of the United States.  A local Fox station in Atlanta is citing inside sources as saying that Cain will endorse Gingrich today.

Gingrich spokesman R.C. Hammond said that he doesn’t expect Cain to make the endorsement today, stating that he would be surprised to see Cain endorse anyone this quickly.  Cain’s backing would make Gingrich a clear frontrunner in the Republican chase for the White House.   A recent poll shows Gingrich ahead of the competition in Iowa, harnessing 26 percent of the vote.  Mitt Romney is in second with 18 percent and Ron Paul is third with 17 percent.

Cain’s decline was a surprise to his supporters, most of it driven by Ginger White, a woman who claims she had an affair with Cain over the last 13 years.  Cain continues to deny that he had any affair with White, but saw his support decline as a result of the allegations.  He then suspended his campaign over the weekend.




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  1. It is not a surprise that Herman Cain should support Newt Gingrich, they have already played twinkle toes with each other in Texas a few months ago. Most likely Cain through secret negotiations has received a commitment from Gingrich to be his VP running mate should he receive the GOP endorsement. This would be wonderful news for the Obama administration; here we have two men known for the adulterous affairs up against the politically suave husband of one wife, what could be better? Ron Paul with his many and sometimes wacky followers will seal the deal when he through protest for being snubbed all through the process will run as a third party candidate in the general election ensuring four more years for President Barack Obama.

  2. Very appropriate for Cain to support Newt the turd since both are sleazebags or sex freaks….It is true that birds of the feather do flock together………………

  3. Herman Cain is jockeying for the VP should Gingrich somehow wins over Mitt Romney. Here’s why I say this, Gingrich and Cain participated in a two-man “debate” that was more like a lovefest in Texas earlier this month, and before it began, they struck the classic running-mate pose: adjacent arms around each other’s waists, outside arms waving, like a two-headed presidential monster. Before their joint appearance in Texas, the two went on CBS’s “Face the Nation” together in early October. Both Gingrich and Cain are from Georgia, though neither was born there. They have known each other for more than a decade. When Gingrich was speaker and Cain was a businessman beginning to make waves in conservative circles, Gingrich reportedly brought Cain to Washington to meet House Republicans. With that said, there is a strong bond between Gingrich and Cain. Cain is known for being close to the Koch brothers and Gingrich has always been in bed with Donald Trump. Gingrich knows that the Obama campaign will most likely be the first political campaign in American history to raise one billion dollars; with the exception of possibly Rubio, Herman Cain is almost a given to be asked to serve as his VP running mate. This will be happy days for the Obama Administration I guarantee you.

  4. Is it suppose to matter? I doubt it.

  5. The circus…..goes on and on and on. And the guy who is twice divorced and had an extra-marital affair with his current wife hopes to gain the most from this. AMAZING!! More than ever, as I look at the sorry set of Republican “rivals” on the other side, I am THANKFUL to have Barack Obama as President, and as a viable candidate for re-election. Mr. Obama: your heart, your values, and your basic decency are all in the right place. BUT…your hands are tied. Unfortunately they were tied by us, the electorate…..when we failed to provide you with a Congress that you can work with. Instead, you are saddled with a don’t-tax-the-1%-do-nothing Congress that battles you at every turn, while the people suffer. God, they don’t EVEN let you pass your own appointments. It’s not Tea-publican gridlock -it’s Tea-publican sabotage. Heck, it’s Tea-publican treason….while the 99% BLEEDS. And then they try to pin the blame on Mr. Obama. These people have no shame…or else its been purchased by those who can afford to do so. In her last years, Grandma gets her meager Social Security check, and they DARE to call it “socialism”. Give me a break! (and Grandma too!) Thankfully, with Occupy Wall Street, America has found its voice: a voice that reminds us that people -ordinary down-to-earth working people- really DO matter. Not “corporations are people -people” , but REAL people! Tea-publicans want even MORE 1%-tax-break-corporate-loopholes….while these “job-creators” send our jobs overseas, and wish that we’d go away too…. as they buy every politician in sight. And if these politicians don’t have ENOUGH mistresses, I can hook them up with a few gorgeous -and rich!- oil companies. It would be a perfect blind date, except for the fact that they’re ALREADY in bed with them :-). But instead of talking about LESS government, and LESS taxes on the 1%, and MORE corporate welfare, and MORE painful cuts to those who can LEAST afford it….Occupy is a voice that demands a government that WORKS, a government that works FOR ALL OF US, not just for a favored few….not just for the rich. It’s a voice that comes up from the grassroots, and lifts us up in turn: because it insists that this land IS our land…and that we WANT IT BACK! It’s a voice that will help us re-elect the President AND give him a more progressive people-oriented Congress to work with. Mr. Obama: I wish you well…. because you STILL give us hope!

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