Raynard Jackson: Cain Was Not Able

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by Raynard Jackson

Former presidential candidate, Herman Cain, proved that despite a load of God given talent, he was unable to be a serious contender for the highest office in the land.

In the immortal words of former British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, “to every man there comes a time when he is figuratively tapped on the shoulder and offered the chance to do a great and mighty work; unique to him and fitted to his talents; what a tragedy if that moment finds him unprepared or unqualified for the moment that could be his finest hour.”

via Your Black Politics: Raynard Jackson: Cain Was Not Able.


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  1. That’s my line: “Cain was not able…” , a line that came to mind, shortly after hearing him speak for the first time!

  2. It was Herman Cain’s enormous ego that caused him to join the presidential race. I believe it goes back to the old crab theory, in other words, if there were a white person in office instead of President Obama, I don’t think Cain would have even thought about entering the race. But Cain thought that he was just too charming and intelligent to be passed up by the American public. Everyone should know by now that if you intend to run for any political office you must first do a survey of your past before anyone else does. I believe that it was his own party that did him in because the GOP would NEVER want a black man to serve as their front-runner and especially their nominee, their primary agenda was not all the important issues that we face today, their primary agenda is make sure that the black man already in office is not elected to another term and they stated as much. Herman Cain was just to “brain-washed” to realize this.

    • It was Herman Cain’s enormous BRAIN WASHED ego that cause him to join the TEA BAGGERs…

  3. We told Cain not to throw the millipede with its stick. Keep the stick just in case another millipede scowls in your house. Cain disowned Blacks and therefore his wife calling us stupid. Now no Black including his wife sympathizes with him. White republicans and I believe Koch Brothers have abandoned him. He is now alone. Cain needs counseling before he commits suicide. Next will be Michele Bachmann who said Blacks were better of as slaves. Unemployment is 8.2% and gas prices are now 2.90 gal. I do not know why Bachmann is still in the race. Those were his weapons against President Obama. Now they have Newt as GOP nominee. Newt is cheater, adulterer, liar, inhuman and hyporite. I have a solution. Let’s keep President Obama for another 4 years.

    • Brother, that is not nearly good enough. The one item that made Barack Obama preferred over Hillary Clinton was his stance on Iraq. I worked and contributed money in early 2008 though I had misgivings based of that bifurcated nonsense he spoke in Philadelphia in March 2008 regarding race.

      I knew I had been conned when Barack Obama said that Robert Gates would be retained as Secretary of Defense. I thought that the Iraq incursion would end on January 22, 2009. I made the mistake of not knowing fully exactly what he believed. The Philadelphia speech told me that he was not what I was but I disregarded the facts of his existence. As a student of culture, I knew that if you did not understand the folly of Vietnam we are not on the same page. But I wanted a softer and easier way. In a word, I wanted Obama to do my work for me. He basically told me that my work was not his work, that he did not care how many folks die in Iraq because he was not connected to them in any meaningful way. I, as you, will recall that Hillary asked a question during the campaign: “Who do you want answering the red telephone at 3:00 AM in the White House?” In 2013, I do not want that person to be Barack Obama. I will take my chances with my next choice.

  4. On October 28, 2011, I went to Montgomery, Alabama, to see the Cain Train. I do not accept anyone’s definition of others. I do my own research. My primary interest was to see who his supporters were, their perspective. If left assured that they, as a group, could not elect Herman Cain to anything. It takes a certain perspective to become part of the team that can move millions. The person who wins will have convinced some 5-8% of the voting population to cast in their direction even when they do not like them candidate or trust the candidate. What they trust is that they will benefit from voting for the winner. I did not see that capacity in this crowd.

    I was not able to see one perspective from Cain-an understanding that government is a collective and can not be run like a business. What businessperson would invest in abstract such as liberty and fairness. How could that investment make sense to investors. It is not measurable. That is what has been known by analysts for more than 40 years. He had been vetted. An analysis of his God Father’s success said that he reduced the revenue and lowered the overhead by throwing the employees under the bus. That was his success story. I was in the window where others performed.
    There were many ‘turn around specialists.’ All threw the employees under the bus. Cain just did what was popular to do.

    Most who have been commenting can not tell you who has done what for people. John McCain never did anything for people. It was not in his history or political DNA. Cain chose the wrong model to promote. A Republican former Black officeholder stated last month that 90% of all activity of political leaders is about budget activities. Without budget there is no purpose.

  5. There is no greater wrath than a woman scorned. Hopefully his wife is as strong as Elliot Spitzer’s.
    Our wives, like that of Colin Powell’s , advise against proceeding to the ultimate destruction. Remember Whitney Young? He was the brightest candidate that ever ran for president from the Black Community. There was no way to gain say him and he was a real threat to the powered establishment. He did not make it alive to the election. He had secret Service Protection and died in their midst. Research it and learn . This man was more articulate than Jessie Jackson and very wise.

  6. Cain’s duty is to protect his family. Before God that is his ultimate duty. I believe that he was the first candidate to receive Secret Service Protection. In this presidential race things will get very cut throat.
    The last man standing just might be a woman.

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