Pregnant Woman Told To ‘Waddle Faster’ To Avoid Receiving Parking Ticket

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Pregnant 25-year-old Adel Charles of Croydon, England was humiliated by a traffic officer before he gave her a ticket. She had paid for an hour of parking outside a clinic for her final pre-birth check-up — she’s due on Friday.

According to Thisiscroydontoday.co.uk, she walked out of the clinic, saw the officer standing over her car and pleaded with him not to issue her a ticket. She said “You could see me waddling over as fast as I could” and he replied:

“You should have waddled faster.”

Then, Charles says the man laughed and drove away. And she cried.

The ticket showed that her parking space expired at 11:06 am — the warden issued her ticket at 11:10.




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