Obama Family Vacation is Most Expensive In History: $4.1 Million

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obama family vacation costs $4.2 million

The recent Hawaii vacation taken by President Obama and his family has been officially documented as the most expensive in  history.  The fights alone will cost roughly $3.2 million.   The total tab will run over $4 million.

The Airforce says that it costs $181,757 per flight to operate Airforce One.  There is a nine hour flight to Hawaii if you fly direct, which runs $3,271,611 for a round trip.  There is also an expensive cargo plane used to carry other presidential necessities, like limos, helicopters and other equipment.

There is a separate unit of Marines who fly with the president wherever he goes, costing $258,000.  Finally, there is the cost of the Obama’s private residence on the island, which ran $3,500 per day.

The total cost of the Obama family trip is estimated to be $4,113,038.



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  1. Whey,,,That is really ^^^^^^^…….especially since there is so many people that can not make end meet…He should help finance this vacation…Some of the cost is necessary because of security reason…….The repukes are really going to jump all over him on this cost….
    Is this cost credible???I hope you guys didn’t get this figure from Michelle Bachmann……….

  2. Come on black people 4 million for another vacation to Hawaii. Just because the president is black does not make black people stupid. We could not have gotten a worst president if we asked for one.

    • We had one just before him! Didn’t you notice? Did you know about the TP animal in Calif. named Manson who said, “The Nigger in Washington & his monkey children should be killed.” THAT is why he is going to need all of the security & all of the vacation time he can get!

    • Avery is drinking the “koolaide” with Hermain!

      • You are either the blindest person in Americuh, or you have a vested interest firsthand and personal to see this evil, lying monster to cut away the rest of our rights to the constitution, After this, he approves the bill to let the army arrest and jail whomever they deem a threat, whomever, without trial, without cause, without a single person knowing where you are, indefinitely, Are you serious?

        • Troy go join Avery & Herman drinking the “koolaide” better yet go kill yourself. you are what happen when brother and sister mate.

          • worst than “chimpress” are inbreds !

        • Troy, have you seen the FINAL BILL? You know the one after it has traveled it’s way through the political process and has now reached the president’s desk before signing it? Well, just in case you didn’t, there is Absolutely NOTHING in it about the army arresting whomever they deem a threat or any of that other shit you are talking about.

    • hush Avery hush,,, while you are head. There goes people saying anything again…hush

    • you have had george w. bush. george h.w. bush, ronald regean , herbert hoover, warren g harding, . woodrow wilson. check out their statistics, the economy and all of the financial disasters that happened in the country under their tenures. I do not defend him because he is black. I just defend the facts.

  3. Enjoy it Obama family, God bless you. All the evil you all have had to endure, for no more reason than the color of your skin. I dont recall any tabs kept on any other family. Godspeed to you!!!!

  4. I don’t care for it when Black People denigrate other Black People. Concentrate on something positive instead of looking at the negative. Bring your mind, and your mouth higher.

  5. The Obama Family Deserve it:) Just think about the “White Presidents” Back then believe me they spent more than Obama, you never heard of them discussing there expensive while traveling on vacation, Now they want to bring up what the Black presiden is spending,.. It’s non of our business, There’s a lot of Rich Folks out here that give, Obama get gifts from others, so we really don’t know what’s going on behind close doors,.. God Bless Obama in that position, him and family deserve a nice vacation.. God Bless:)

  6. Avery could definitely have done better as president!!! People like this makes my head hurt…SMH

  7. Comments like Avery’s is the reason I continue to hold President Barak Obama and his family in constant prayer. Those who do nothing but criticize and point fingers.

  8. and how much did it cost to fly bush back to texas to do his brushcutting every second week?

  9. I think it’s wrong that we have to pay soooo much for his vaca. Hawaii? Really?

  10. I agree , the pres and the first chimpress should spend, alot more ,After all there is plenty more where that came from right? And if anyone objects, simply pull out the ole race card, that’ll shut em up pronto. Nobody wants to be called a racist, so strike while you still can, Spend the taxpayers money cause when its gone, there aint no more, No more jobs, no more taxes, no more govt vacations to every country in the world and hundreds of others to babysit and wipe these rich folks butts for them, After all arent they protecting americas freedoms? gnomesayin?

    • @ troy, this inbreeding has got to stop, I’m going to see if we can get a federal grant @ that trailer park for birth control. Never mind I’ll just take it out of my pocket, red tape, got to stop before more you maggots come off of that “shi# heap!

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      • speak that truth

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  13. Can we get some rules up in thiscamp? No inbred, trailor park, peabrained trash allowed!

  14. As a former military person, it does cost a lot to move the President no matter if he had gone to Miami or to Timbuktu. The only problem I have with ALL of our Politicians(and make no mistake, President Obama is a politician), is that they ALL spend our money to live the lifestyle that few hard working taxpayers can afford. Sec of State Clinton has the same amount of cost along with the Vice Prez and a host of others in office that ‘ride in style’ with our change. Many Senators fly private jets that cost over 100 grand a week. So if you are going to be mad, you have to be mad at the whole system, for all politicians black, white, red, yellow, brown and of any ethnicity love living the ‘high life ‘ off us. That’s the crux of Capitalism in a Democracy, some ‘winners’, many losers( in relation to economics and ‘free’ living). Soulbeck Hotep

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