NBC Now Requires Quest Love to Approve All Songs He Plays for Jimmy Fallon

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It has been announced that Quest Love no longer has the final say in what songs are played on the Jimmy Fallon Show.  Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson of The Roots says now he’s “gotta clear a lot of the song choices” that the network is allowing him to pursue.

“It’s still a comedy show, so they promise not to step on my toes or that type of thing, but they definitely want to know the title of the song, the subject matter of the song, can it be seen as an insult?” he said.

Everything  blew up in Quest’s face when Michelle Bachmann appeared on the show and he played the Fishbone song “Lyin Ass B*tch.”  NBC apologized to the Congresswoman later, and Quest also issued a seemingly half-hearted apology.

“It was kind of wrong for me to throw (NBC) under the bus without telling them what it was, so I understand from a business standpoint,” Quest said.

Quest also said that he heard from members of the group Fishbone after the incident took place.  They have a moving coming out, so they were glad to get the publicity.

“They have a movie out so I guess for them at least the stars were aligned,” he said. “They’re one of my favorite bands, like I tip my hat to those guys.”



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