Nazi Website Founder Supports Ron Paul For President

by / December 29, 2011 News 14 Comments

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Texas Rep. Ron Paul (R) received an unwanted endorsement on Tuesday when Don Black, the founder of the white nationalist group Stormfront, told The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur that he supported Paul’s presidential candidacy.

Paul has recently been plagued by racist, hate-filled newsletters that were published under his name. The newsletters were published about 20 years ago and contained a number of incendiary comments about African-Americans, gays and Israel. All of the newsletters featured his name, but Paul has said he did not edit or write the controversial language, and disavowed it.

“He’s clearly not a white nationalist, he does not have the same worldview we do,” Black told Cenk. “But we agree with his stand on the issues, which we believe are heartfelt, coincide with ours. I might prefer that he understand the racial issues that we deal with a little more than he does.”

via Stormfront founder: Ron Paul’s views ‘coincide with ours’ on most issues | The Raw Story.


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  1. Achtung, everyone, flash, news bulletin, Stormdrain has long been taken over by jewish zionists and hasnt been racist for ages, In fact, if you mention the j or the N word you will be blocked, Get your stories straight blm.

    • Oh shut up you red butt baboon! Get off this website! You must have no life or a piece of ass to bang, because you are constantly trolling this site! Go get a life you filthy white pig!

    • It is a dream I guess that people like you should be placed in some sort of racist concentration camp. But then again, I do believe in dreams come true.

    • It is nothing but a dream I guess, but I have a dream that worthless people such as yourself will one day be placed in the same concentration camps Hitler used against the Jewish people during WWII. I would love to see the agony on your stupid face, it seems that palacedogs is an appropriate name for one to give himself in your case.

  2. GOPers, TEA Party, FoxNews and other right-wing media are on panic the undesirable candidate might score GOP nomination. They don’t like Newt because of his baggage. They don’t like Romney because he has refused to release his tax returns-to much corruption; he’s flapper and not quite right wing.They jumped on Miss Minnesota – Bachmann, but she’s a woman-GOP is all white rich males’ organization. Now they are recruiting Santorum. Santorum is unknown to main street republicans. As whole GOPers, TEA Partiers, FoxNews and right media are on panic. They don’t have candidate to beat President Obama. Well, I invite them all to join me voting to re-elect President Obama.

  3. The proof is in the pudding, until publicly he publicly disavows this and other endorsements such as this one the racist stigma will follow him everywhere he goes.

  4. I support Ron Paul because he wants to end the wars, end the Drug wars, end the HIGHLY UNCONSTITUTIONAL INFRINGEMENT on our Civil liberties ie: the Patriot Act, TSA, and now NDAA (indefinite detention of American citizens without any charges!!).. He doesn’t believe in torture, occupation, endless war mongering, and supporting corrupt dictators and also doesn’t want to support the RACIST APARTHEID STATE OF ISRAEL. Ron Paul would reduce his presidential salary from 400k to 39k (the average American salary) and has ALWAYS refused the congressional pension system which he deems immoral. He believes in true freedom and that belief taps into a very diverse group of people. From the far right (Bircher Society) to the far left (Noam Chomsky).

    • In America, you have the right to vote for the candidate of your choice. May the best man (or woman) win.

  5. I have never seen closed mind and dumb people like republicans. How can they think nominating any of the GOP now contenders. These are not worth it. Gingrich is adulterer and chaser of office women; Ron Paul is a racist sponsored by KKK groups; Romney has refused to disclose his income tax returns for fear of corruption cover-up; is a Mormon who believes women belong to the kitchen and are for breeding children only (see family picture). As Mormon Romney believes Blacks and racial minorities are cursed humans from Adam and Eve; Perry is a drunk and racist by putting N word on his door; Michele Bachmann was heard saying Blacks were better off as slaves. Herman Cain is women groper and racist. As a whole GOP contenders have horrifying backgrounds. If any of these people is nominated, it will be the end of GOP, TEA Party and right wing groups. I will burry them in my back yard.

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