Jhessye Shockley is Presumed Dead, Her Sister Says Her Mother Was Involved

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Black Like Moi reports:

The nation has been on high-alert, frantically looking for a trace of little Jhessye Shockleysince her disappearance over two months ago from the Phoenix, Arizona suburb of Glendale.

Now detectives have reported that it is believed that the girl has been dead at least that long, murdered and then dumped in a trash bin before being reported missing by her mother, Jerice Hunter.

Glendale police Sgt. Brent Coombs confirmed Wednesday that Hunter is still the “No. 1 focus.”


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  1. This is a local story. The news reminds us every night to check out trash bins. The cops found one of her shoes in a KFC dumpster so they are getting close to finding her. It wasn’t the daddy though this time… he is in jail in California.

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  3. This is disheartening, if these allegations hold true. I hope this woman is punished severely!!! What in the hell is wrong with people!? Savage behavior should be answered with swift hard justice!! Sick of hearing stories of this nature. *smh*

  4. @Justin Phoenix, thanks for letting us know that, we clearly are not getting all of the news, but I am not surprised about the mom. She reminds me of my own estranged daughter. Both have five kids, keep getting pregnant, I’m going to guess that most the children do not have the same fathers, and both do not know how to handle their responsibilities -and mind you don’t want to handle them, too busy man chasing and in the streets! They took this baby out of a good relative home, with people who not only loved her, but warned the system that this woman should not have that baby, sad.

    @Gibs Medat, what do you have to say about the lovely: Susan Smith, Casey Anthony and all the other White mothers who have murderer their babies. Oh yeah, they keep them in the trunk of their cars. Take your ignorance where it is wanted, better yet get a freaking education.



  6. RIP little one … Beautiful little girl placed in an unfortunate sicho. I’m about to start handing out my info. Give me the child if you dont want it. What kind of satisfaction does anyone get from killing…let alone a baby? Something got to give!

  7. We must pray and have forums on what is motherhood and fatherhood. We must begin to examine ourselves and cleanse ourselves of foolishness and review mistakes of the past by others and ourselves. We are not perfect but must aim to learn from the past in order to create a better future

    Take the damn drugs, racism, guns, hate, foolishness, poverty, rape, disparities etc. out of our communities!

    We must begin to redirect our lives towards good, we are in a rush to talk loud and say nothing, running to nowhere in particular!

    Stop the nonsense!

    Love one another!

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