Man Shoots Prostitute On Christmas Eve After Discovering ‘She’ was a HE

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A man confessed to police he murdered a prostitute in a rage after finding out she was really a man.

Kenyan L. Jones, 26, from Kansas City, faces charges of second-degree murder and armed criminal action in the shooting death of Darnell D. Pearson, 31.

He told police he picked up the prostitute on Christmas Eve and paid to have sexual relations with her, believing she was a woman.

Several hours later Jones became aware the prostitute was actually a man, he left him to get a handgun before finding Mr Pearson in a different area of town and ‘popped him’.

Police said they found the 31-year-old’s body just before midnight after an eye witness called 911 and told dispatchers he saw a man in a hoodie running from the scene.

via Kenyan L. Jones kills prostitute on Christmas Eve after finding out ‘she’ was a MAN | Mail Online.


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