Macy’s Worker Fired For Refusing To Allow Transgender To Use Women’s Fitting Room

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During the holiday season, Macy’s is regarded as a shopping Mecca, but in Texas, the retail giant is at the centre of a controversy.

A worker at a San Antonio store is now looking for a new job after she was fired for refusing to allow a transgendered person to use the women’s fitting room.

Natalie Johnson admits she was watching the customer from the start, claiming she could tell he was a man shopping for women’s clothes.

So when he tried to go into the women’s fitting room, the 27-year-old stopped him from entering.

Ms Johnson told KSAT 12: ‘I had to just straight forward tell him, “You’re a man,” and of course that really got him steamed.’

The department store has a policy in place that allows transgendered individuals to use the fitting room of the gender they have chosen.

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  1. hope it was worth it…because it is hard trying to find a job in this economy.

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