Lucky For Us the Seattle Welfare Queen Isn’t Black

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Authorities recently raided the home of a Seattle woman who allegedly used federal subsidy vouchers reserved for low income families to – get this – pay for her million dollar Lake Washington waterfront home.

Unsealed court documents revealed that since 2003, a woman who has social security benefits, welfare and food stamps, had been getting a monthly $1200 tax-payer subsidized check to pay towards her gorgeous, picturesque 2400 square feet home with big bay window valued at $1.2 Million.

The woman, Lyudmila Shimonva – a Russian native – and her Chiropractor husband David Silverstein (who drives around in luxury cars) have been scamming the American tax payer for the past eight years while traveling to places like Moscow, Turkey and Tel Aviv.

When news first broke, officials had not yet revealed the woman’s name.  But, by the names of the places she and her husband traveled to, folks may have held their collective breath hoping she wasn’t Black.

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  1. Where you at Newt since she’s not Black?

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