LOL of the Day: Eddie Long’s Wife Gets the Last Word

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Kevin Eason is a freelance editorial cartoonist and illustrator from New Jersey. His brand of satire covers news events in politics, entertainment, sports and much more. Follow him on Facebook.


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  1. I cannot begin to feel the pain of Ms. Long. I can only say; the public needs to stay out of their affairs. We are so quick to tell someone else what they need to do, however, what would you do? Women we also have ego’s that tend to cloud our vision. The bottom line – it is her decision. We can only keep our eye’s on God. When you think you are hiding something from him wrong! He knows before you committ the act, he sees before we do, and he will exact his venegence at his time not ours. What Mr. Long has done is something he will have to answer to God for. Personally, I would not want to be in his place. God does not like ulgy, nor does he like pretty. The devil was a beautiful angel look where he is at and the havoc he creates. God is just sitting back, and sooner or later he will have the final say. Ms. Long my blessings to you. ‘You decide what you are going to do. Disregard what any one says; the decision is yours.

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