LeBron James: ‘The Decision’ Was A Mistake

by / December 7, 2011 News 2 Comments

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In a revealing interview with ESPN’s Rachel Nichols, LeBron James reveals that he acting very “King” like — but that’s all going to change this season. He honestly examines how being cast as the villain changed him for the worst, and that he really wasn’t “that guy.”

From talking about his father’s absence to his mother’s erratic presence, James is open about the experiences in his life that affected him the most profoundly. Two of the highlights that illuminate how James wants to be viewed this season are below.


He regrets “The Decision”:

“If I could look back on it I would probably change a lot of it. The fact of having a whole TV special, and people getting the opportunity to watch me make a decision on where I wanted to play, I probably would change that. Because I can now look and see if the shoe was on the other foot and I was a fan, and I was very passionate about one player, and he decided to leave, I would be upset too about the way he handled it.”

On playing the villain role:

“It basically turned me into somebody I wasn’t. When you start to hear ‘the villain,’ now you have to be the villain. And I started to buy into it. I started to play the game of basketball at a level or in a mind state that I had never played at before. I mean angry. That’s mentally, and that’s not the way I play the game of basketball.”



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  1. insight is beter than hind sight. Now that reality has set…get focused and play the game as LeBron not the “villian”

  2. I was actually hoping LeBron would have decided to play in New York. But, that being said, he is STILL an amazing player. I agree that the television special was a bad decision; but he can play wherever he chooses. Isn’t this America?????
    I think the fans were rude and evil. He’s a human being; not YOUR personal GOD and SAVIOR. I think the people in OHIO were mean spirited. But I bet you they will regret burning those expensive jerseys in about 20 years. Their children will certainly be upset when they can’t sell them for 4-6xs their original value because their parents burned them.
    No matter what…. I will always be a BRON BRON fan. Bad decisions don’t hinder your court talent.

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