LA Voters to Decide if Actors in Pornographic Films Should Wear Condoms

by / December 29, 2011 Black News one Comments

Come June, voters here will have a chance to cast their ballots in the presidential primary. Along with their presidential preferences, they will be asked to decide whether actors in pornographic films should be required to wear condoms.

For several years, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation has been lobbying state, county and city lawmakers to enact legislation that would force adult film performers and makers to use condoms and charge a fee to pay for inspections to make sure that they comply.

Growing frustrated in its efforts, the group moved this summer to get the issue placed on the city ballot.

“All politicians have treated this as a hot potato issue,” said Michael Weinstein, president of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation. “The city punts to the county, the county punts to the state, and the State Legislature has punted. We’ve taken it to the voters as a last resort, and that is testimony to the lack of leadership on the issue.”

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  1. If most of us wore condoms we wouldn’t be in the mess that we are now in! It’s not just porno stars, it’s everyone who should be wearing them!


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