Jackson Kids Considering doing Reality TV Series

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Jackson Kids Considering doing Reality TV Series



The Jackson family can now move on since the Conrad Murray trial is finished. But there’s no rest for the weary.

Word is that the Jackson kids could be getting their own reality show.

This would be a great opportunity for the youngsters to live in the limelight, the same fame their father sheltered them from for such a long time.

According to reports, Paris, Prince Michael and Blanket have been offered an opportunity to do a reality series and they seem to be seriously considering it.

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  1. i think this is a good opportuntiy for MJ to live threw his kids. Rip Michael you will never be forgotten!

  2. On display in this picture are a number of things that are far deeper than the unimportant question about whether these kids will start a reality show . Yes it is very clear that anyone can have a show no talent , or interesting storyline is needed, and one day soon I expect to see a show that is little more than strapping a camera on the back of a dog , or perhaps that is already on a channel I don’t get, so if these kids who we are told are MJ’s ( maybe, maybe not you sure can’t tell by looking at them ) get a show it would not be news to me .

    What I would find more interesting is the” 500 pound gorilla in the room” that for some unknown reason the Media continues to ignore eventhough every one on the Planet has heard the questions that is …………what does Michael’s refusal to adopt , or acquire ( I don’t know how to characterize how he came to be the Father, or these kids with weird names like Blanket ) any African American kids indicate ?

    I bet Oprah , or Dr. Phil could do a whole series of shows on this taboo subject ” Blacks Who hate Being Black ” and I don’t think anyone would disagree that Jackson would be the guest of honor for no matter what Jermaine , or anyone else says there is no way to suggest that Michael must not have had dislike ,or even hate for himself and his Community .

    The other question of keen interest that the Media ignores is the one about Michael Jackson,s sexuality…….Just What Was His Sexual Preference ? Was he Gay? . Did he want to be a woman as his appearance could suggest ? Was he Asexual is there such a thing ? , or was he the most effeminate heterosexual we have ever seen ? Who could forget that staged kiss with Elvis’s Daughter he kissed her like he thought she had Herpes .

    Understanding his sexuality would of course provide a key clue about the legitimacy of those Sexual Abuse Charges and provide some honesty to the legacy of this great entertainer who has been nothing , but a bizarre mystery since Thriller .

    Inquiring minds want to know the truth . I could care less if the Kids get a show , but would also tune into a story that told us how they came to be his children .

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