Fresh Prince Beef: Carlton Explains What Happen With Aunt Viv! “She Went Nuts” [VIDEO]

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  1. He know what side his bread is buttered on.

    • And then some…got nerve to be talking…like he normal…ooooooooowwww

  2. This video is almost 2 years old, shame on you Black Moi, calling yourself a black website leave her alone why don’t you! He was at a college dissing her for no reason, little bastard!
    This will backfire on you!
    Check out Mr Ribeiro on his you tube video saying he loves to f..k white chicks.
    Video is called Carlton Banks…I love to love white chicks


  3. carleton hasnt worked since “fresh prince” so he isnt going to say anything bad about Will,hoping that Will can help his poor-ass out with getting a part in movies or even rap but the problemis is that hollywood doesnt have a place for short fat asses like him anywhere.I am willing to bet you that whenever he visits Will, he borrows a couple of bucks to fix his rusty,smoky ass 1997 ford he bought way back when he was making the kind of money he now finds that much more desirable , Jada is tired of smelling his stinking armpits,hearing his loud snoring and bad breath,signs of a man who is down and out, so she has discussed her displeasure with Will concerning him.As a result they both decided to make his visits that much less frequent and lenghty than in previous times when he had the money to address those short-commings

  4. The truth shall set you free. Everyone know something went wrong and all the speculation has been verified by someone that no vested interest in telling a story between Will Smith and Janet Hubert. He also said she was a “great actress”. If he was doing this on Will’s part he would not have given her any compliments, and kept the part of him being fired to himself. Sometimes the truth hurt, but it set you free to be able to live with yourself. Look at the success Will has had compared to Janet Hubert since the end of Fresh Prince.


  5. You guys are insulting this guy for what? He only gave his opinion on how she was and how she created an unhappy work environment. He did not maliciously put her down the entire video. In fact, he complimented her talent. That doesn’t mean she wasn’t a rude and obnoxious person. He also spoke about many other things, including the fact that he himself was fired. Many of us have our own opinions about our coworkers if they irritate us. I don’t see any difference in this particular video. Stop trying to make a mountain out of molehill…stop reaching…lol

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