Fire Fiend Harrassed Victim For Months

by / December 22, 2011 News 4 Comments

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Jerome “Jerry” Isaac, the Brooklyn man accused of setting a 73-year-old grandmother on fire in her building’s elevator, harassed his victim for months, family members say.

According to reports, Issac stole keys to Delores Gillespie’s apartment and repeatedly jammed the locks every time she changed them.

Issac claims she owed him more than $2,100 for odd jobs he did in her apartment, but according to members of the victims family, Issac apparently snapped when she refused to pay him anything after she caught him stealing her belongings.

Maurice Gillespie, 37, Norris’ dad, said his mother “put tape on her door” to check if anyone had opened it while she was out, and “changed the locks every two weeks.”

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