Final Grade: Mixed Reviews on Michael Eric Dyson’s Jay-Z Course at Georgetown

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Final Grade: Mixed Reviews on Michael Eric Dyson's Jay-Z Course at Georgetown

Your Black News reports:

When word spread in October that Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, known for dropping a Hip Hop verse mid-conversation, was offering an in depth look into the life and times of Shawn Carter at Georgetown University, he received his share of criticism.

According to Dyson, the course, titled “Sociology of Hip Hop: Jay-Z” tackles the same topics of any sociology class: racial and gender identity, sexuality, capitalism and economic inequality. “It just happens to have an interesting object of engagement in Jay-Z – and what better way to meet people where they are?” Dyson said. “It’s like Jesus talking to the woman at the well. You ask for a drink of water, then you get into some theological discussions.”

As the semester draws to a close, some students aren’t so sure Jigga-Man is worthy of academic dissection.


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  1. Hmmm…Jigga man isn’t worthy of scholarly dissection, despite making out of the hood under dire circumstances, but a tactically psychopathic, gender biased negatively conservative and ultimately murderous ego-maniac like J. Edgar Hoover does?! Some of my fellow college students need to unplug out of that constrictive intellectual matrix.

  2. I do not feel that Shawn Carter is worth discussion, but saving millions of Americans homes with modifications is sign this petiton to save homes from banks. http://​www.thepetitionsite.com/6/​stop-foreclosures-with-modifica​tions-now/

  3. I don’t feel like there’s a need for this discussion or course because it’s not like Jesus and the woman at the well. Jesus met the woman at the well to offer her life and salvation, sure there were questions and answers being given, but the focus and purpose was for her to get save (John 4). Michael Dyson is intelligent, and I used to look up to him and Dr. Cornell West; but it seems that they are not representing themselves as true Christians. For one, Dr. West believes in same-sex marriage, unless he thinks differently today, I heard him say it. As much as this is a big controversy between the Christian community it states in various scriptures (old and new testament) that it’s wrong. Dr. Dyson curses, which saddens me, because as a Baptist minister I would think he would know better, we cannot have blessings and curses in the same mouth the bible states. And, if he doesn’t do this anymore, then that’s great, but if these men are going to represent Jesus and use his name and Gospel as they do their works then they must do it right, because their fan-bases are big and they cannot allow or afford for others to stumble and fall, the new testament clearly states the reason why.
    If, Mike Dyson purpose is bring rapper Jay-Z to Jesus Christ, then okay. But if he just admire the rapper so much and just want to talk and share the man’s knowledge with the world, then don’t include Jesus like you’re trying to bring Jay-Z out of the world into God’s marvelous light. And, if anyone thinks and writes saying I’m judging, well, you are absolutely correct, and I’m not offended. The bible clearly gives instructions on how to judge, one I must remove the plank from my own eye, I have, and two, I must judge righteously, which I have. I still love all these guys in the Lord, but they must take account for their actions like the rest of us! By the way, read (John 7:24 & Matthew 7:1-5) it will help you understand when to judge as a Christian.
    If Dr. Dyson truly cared about imitating Jesus at the well then make sure when the discussion is over Jay-Z is saying “Life begins when Jesus enters in!” And NOT from his song “life begins when the church ends.” Are we perfect? Not yet, but Jesus still calls us to be so in (Matthew 5:48 & Philippians 2:15 & 1 Peter 1:16) and he wouldn’t call us to do this if he knew it wasn’t in us. This is my response and hopefully it can help others.

    #Just Saying

    • Just Saying ~ well said. I agree word for word. awesome!

    • @Just saying…You have reiterated a reason I have never believed in religion. It would make me sound unintelligent and senseless.

      • BING!

    • I am in agreement with mostly everything that you have stated except the disparaging remarks on the gay community. We are not God and thus can not judge. God wants us all to love and respect each other. Do you really believe that God loves them any less? I have gays and lesbians in my family and I respect their right to be authentic (just as God made them). God does not make mistakes.

      • Since God not does make mistakes, who made the millions of pedophiles and other sexual deviants that prey on innocent children and victims? There are so many on the internet and around every corner that there are not enough law enforcement personnel to keep up with all of them. What do we say to those who struggle to contain their pedophile proclivities but are overwhelmed with such compulsion that they lose all control? Just pray and remember…… God does not make mistakes?

        So, if God made everyone, and the human race includes a vast group of pedophiles, will they eventually become tolerated or accepted as “children of God” in the same way that gays ( a former deviant group in the DSM classification of psychological disorders)?

        Will we reinterpret the bible like we seem to have done for gays to sanction adult/child relationships simply because so many adults have this deviant compulsion? And, this is why we are on a course to moral armageddon. The liberal government (particularly the Obama Administration) has done everything to obliterate religious freedom and wants to push the radical gay agenda and label everyone anti-gay or homophobic if one has dissenting or opposing views.

        If we continue on this course of “sexual free for all” where just about any and everything goes, not only will some mutant virus emerge to make HIV/AIDS look like a version of the simple common cold, our moral and spiritual foundations will implode as well.

        We have a script to live righteously: the ten commandments. And, sure we are not perfect and have fallen short, but that does not mean we abandon this spiritual blueprint that has and will continue to serve us well if we aspire to do the right thing.

        • If I need to explain the difference between a pedophile and a homosexual to you someone (you) has dropped their books along the way. A loving relationship between two consensual adults is one thing; someone having sex with underage people (pedophilia) is something totally different. You are misunderstanding the difference between give and take.I love God with all of my being and I also know that he is love as long as we are not hurting someone in a relationship ie rape, pedophilia, abuse both verbal and physical I love my gay friends and family as well and feel that there is room to live in peace and harmony.

          • No, you don’t have to explain the difference. A person attracted to the same sex is homosexual. Pedophiles can be attracted to the opposite sex, same sex or both. If the pedophile is attracted exclusively to young boys or even teenage boys, he has a proclivity for the same sex!!!

            Is every relationship between the same sex loving? These may be consenting but – what about those that pick up men in restrooms, parks and rest stops along major highways!!! Please!!

            I am perfectly willing to admit that heterosexuals can be despicable and many of us have engaged in salacious sexual activity but gays don’t get a pass just because they are gay and want people to accept their lifestyle.

            I love GOD as well and we have apparently done a 360 from his instructions and there is no getting away from that fact!!! And, by the way, perhaps you can inculcate me on what is the origin of pedophilia, why we are innudated with so many pedophiles and why it is one of the hardest deviant disorders to treat, Also, apparently there are some people in the field that might want to take a second look at categorizing pedophilia as a psychological disorder particularly when the object of the pedophile’s attraction is an older adolescent boy or girl!!!

            Lastly, I am glad that you love your friends but that does not mean that those of us with dissenting views of their lifestyle should not have a voice to advocate for the things that we believe are in the best interest of this country.

            All the best to you but, apparently, we will never agree on this issue.

  4. Another one [Dyson] bites the [financial] dust.

  5. Jay-Z is not in a study or a serious subject for discussion. He is a capitalist, a thug, and a black man who still uses profanity in his lyrics, slaps women, and will continue to be msygonistic. He is the white man’s soul brother. With all of his money why hasn’t he built some schools in his old neighborhood for his young patrons to attend, or built some new homes for his older patrons to live in? And who would spend the money to take a course about a guy who sold drugs, hustled his way through alleys and dark rooms, for some mainstream American comfort?

    • This where im at with it…people in this country have adopted the “american” mind set of get $ fuck everybody else. That said we tend to put those who have $ on a pedestal. The man that is broke finacially but has knowledge will not get the dame “props” as the man that is a mainstream media darling. Is he worth discussing in a hip hop class? Sure but he shouldnt be held up as some sort of hip hop God…yeah he made it out of the hood but how is he giving back? And giving back doesnt mean finacially…jay and all these other rappers need to tell kids to read and understand how this system works but if he does that he wont make $

  6. He has millions and yet he has fallen short….education is the key that opens the door to a true feeling of self worth. One thing you learn for sure is that self esteem dannot be purchased. He has shocked and awed some of us with his racy and radicak lyrics true enough but now what! Go to school JayZ! You certainly can afford it and while you are at it. take a few needy black children with you. Many of them want to build bridges and design buildings, heal the sick, preserve energy and maybe find a cure for cancer; you know all of these things that people like you take for granted.

    • VERY WELL SAID…KNOWLEDGE IS POWER not MONEY. A fool and his money is soon departed. Just sayin:)

  7. Shame on you, Eric Dyson, you embarrass me with such foolishness.

  8. Educators of the ilk of Micheal Dyson used to be standard bearers and leaders in our community. He looks too much like a fan here and that it is embarrassing. There does not appear to be any objectivity, which lessens his credibility as a scholar for me, and calls into question his scholarship. He appears to be a critical scholar on everything, but hip hoppers themselves. While I think that Jay Z has a lot to offer a group of college students in terms of his business acumen (He really is quite brilliant in this area. No less than any other leading entrepreneur. The man has accomplished some milestones that others only dream about, and we should give him his due for this, despite his other problems). This was not a business class, however. To be fair to Dyson, it was a class on hip hop, which is what he specializes in. A whole course on Jay Z sounds a bit much. However, who better to have speak in that particular context than a man who has come to exemplify modern hip hop. Sorry guys.

  9. Stop it..Do not ,at this point in our struggle close dialog of any type.We need each other and ideas.We can
    as a people change,right now the direction of the world.We need each other and can use this medium
    to start a revolution that uplifts humanity.Lets do this .Everyone that read this,flood ideas to these
    brothers,not hater-aid.

  10. Religion is what one practice on a daily basis and not what one preach. The bible is a book of scripture to inspire people to live in a way that their actions will produce an environment that will benefit all whom it affects. The laws of the land will always change based on the way people profess to live. There are too many loose ends and un-connected dots to summarize the magnitude of life on this planet to only six thousand years of human conduct. God and many others are terms we use to acknowledge the awesome power of creation. We should find a common denominator that will allow us to find a way to live together in peace. That will be a step in the right direction. Peace and love to you all.

  11. This is philosophical BULLSHIT ,Jay Z is shit (Rockerfella) worshiping ,Italian mafia wanna be Dr.Dyson show’s that he is nothing more then a pseudo intellectual opportunist willing to capitalize on any and everything that would get him some notice.I read the book where he tried to blast Bill Cosby ,who I love ,honor and respect to the highest level.Cosby who has always presented nothing but positive image’s of Black people ,not to mention all the Black youth he paid for to go to college outside his own.when Michael E.Dyson has really did something outside of emotional philosophical hip hop ass kissing then your be put in legit company with people like ,Bill Cosby,Oprah Winfrey,Magic Johnson,Dr.Naim’Akbar,Dr.Kwanna Kune JuFu,Oba T.Shaka,Dr.Ben,Dr.Henrik Clarke,Amos Wilson. until that time negro stop playing…

  12. Certainly i/we owe a multitude of thanks to Dr Boyce and Dr Dyson or any Afrikan who has the cojones(will not discuss) lol to take on a mogul like Jayz To this i say.. Gracias senors para sentimientos..Thanks for the sentiment (talk) unfortunately there will always be those who disagree and for this i am saddened.However, i will move on and say that Jay Z deserves an effort as much as anyone else After all many voters are about to give Pres O another chance like they did Clinton??? .
    Lately, i have come to overstand that when there are millions at the disposal of any of our wordsmiths and they feel as if they have been delivered that what comes out of thier mouths and thier deeds are more about helping themselves vs others?

    Follow me now: JayZ like any brother who is fortunate to have benefitted from MY STRUGGLE or shall i say OUR struggle here in the empire as Fidel calls it LOL has much to be grateful for as well as much to learn..He will come to know (or perhaps he already has) and learn that to whom much is given much is required? Am i impressed that he has been schooled about the N word Nope! why should i be? The N word is known by all who allow it to proceed into air as a front against humanity and must be added to the long list of words which must be exterminated placed into the firey furnace and burned to death literally. The grading music must also be destroyed and Jayz must grow up, or be overgrown.
    As far as educating him One can ask is this a photo op? or is this serious? Noone will/can know this until/unless they speak with those who participated..
    Hip/Hop/ Rap etc has a place in our culture? Why? it is a course of expression born at a time when Afrikan youth and others were seeking thier own voices. demanding to be heard and taking no hostages demanding no quarter, seeking to win. Now as far as the latter.. i suggest that we all sit still and observe. Why u ask?..Like all genre.. stuff gets old, the writers singers and others take on the look of polyester jock straps? Entiendes


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