English Teacher Stabs Other Teacher With Screwdriver 16 Times



A high school English teacher is in big trouble after allegedly stabbing another teacher with a screwdriver.  The incident occurred after a disagreement over a meeting and the other teacher is in the hospital.  The school was locked down after Ronette Ricketts, a 40-year old woman, attacked Cynthia Glozier, a 54-year old English teacher at Poughkeepsie High School.


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  1. This incident has completely blown my mind. Not only are we finding violence occurring among street gangs, in churches, and even elsewhere imaginable. But now it seems to be be occurring as frequently in our sacred university learning institutions with hazing that took a young man’s life but also in our elementary and secondary school halls. I cannot imagine a supposedly educated woman stabbing a colleague 16 times with a screwdriver but (maybe that’s one of the problems; there’s no screening of who is mentally and emotionally prepared for first learning and then presenting to others the discourse for the disciple before then going into the classroom to teach what one’s has learned in the walls of higher education along with the idea of keeping one’s temper under control.

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  7. I would like to think that something else is going on there. What kind of disagreement could have been so damn bad, at school of all places, that would lead to something so drastic. Either Ricketts already had a big problem with Glozier or she has some underlined psychological issues.

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  10. Sticking to the subject matter, while avoiding ignorance. This young lady needs mental help. Despararately. Jail time would be wasteful. As usual article such as these don’t go into enough details to make sound judgements but overall the pic shows a baby faced innocent yet crazed woman. Her age vs the hospitized teacher is troubling. No woman usually would intentionally hurt a mother figure. Hope she pleads insanity.

  11. There is much going on in this world and beyond it, that is causing these violent episodes and a host of what we think are mysterious things. You can read clues about it in many a book from many and varied religions. You can also find it in books by contemporary Writers who are deemed “Conspiracy Theorists”. We believe what we see in the movies are simply fantastic fiction, but there is way more truth in fictional tales than we all know. It is important to become aware of who the true enemy is. The true enemy is infecting our psyches through many mediums like television and music. The Human diaspora has been tampered with and tortured for many years and we are not aware where racism, sexism, and all the isms are really coming from. Read and watch Professor Griff and South African Credo Mutwa and Dick Gregory and Stewart Swerdlow and David Icke. You and your family are being hurt right now. By the food you eat, by what you listen to. Its going to take time and research, but seek to elevate your mind so that you can release yourself and your family from mental slavery. And when I say mental slavery it goes well beyond what you think I mean. Research and start connecting the dots. There is a reason why our little girls are watching groups called “Mindless Behaviour”…Connect the dots…

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  13. We really need to pray for this world. If you all notice, a lot of school districts are having episodes of teachers fighting. What is going to become of the children? Parents – I ask you that and I charge you to take control of your children and love them, spending quality time with them and not quantity. Check their homework. If they have none, find out why. It may be that the teachers are too busy hating on each other to care. Take some of your time accumulated at work and go check on your children. For those of you who do not work – go all the time, frequently and concerned. Can’t express it enough. Your children need you. If you have no children in school, adopt and personalize the quote “it takes a village to raise a child,” and go see about your grands, your nieces and nephews, your cousins and your neighbors’ children. Check on them. Time out for letting these people do anything they want to the children.

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