Professor Christopher Emdin: Why Are So Many Kids Being Arrested in Public School?

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by Professor Christopher Emdin, Columbia University

A few days ago, the New York State Civil Liberties Union released a report that raised attention to the racial disparities of NYC school arrests. In the first report of its kind, focusing on summer school months, the report mentions that the NYPD arrested and gave summonses to more than one student a day in the public school system. Over 90 percent of these students were students of color.

via Your Black Politics: Dr. Christopher Emdin: Why Are So Many Kids Being Arrested in Public School?.


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  1. True, while that is our goal for all children. Often times our children make chiminals for themselves by making poor choices. For example, projecting the image of the tough guy ie gangster rapp’s influence on many cultures and the outcome of that type of behavior. Who can we blame, the racist cop??? Why not except the reality of what is really happening form the root or one the root causes to this problem: “Making criminals out of our children,” for what ever reason seems to be a personal choice, most often of the children.

  2. Michael,

    Pardon me for saying this, but you’re an idiot. We now have five to ten year old children being arrested by police officers, being carried away in restraining hand cuffs behind their backs each and every day, just for being children. No one throws more temper tandrums and behaves like out of control spoiled brats than white children. In exchange, they are pleaded with, pampered and cajoled.

    Black kids with volatile tempers, on the other hand, have people who are supposed to be adults [like you I presume], often times who are black themselves, calling the police on five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten year old children, permanently traumatizing and stigmatizing that child with a criminal record, before reaching their teens even, thereby pre-conditioning them as a future residents of the new plantation, the penal system. Not to mention scarring them psychologically for life.

    When did adults start, in such large proportions, having a proclivity to act more like children in their logic and actions [as in calling the police on babies] than children; and yet not be willing to allow children to have the time to mature into adulthood? Why can’t children be allowed to be children anymore? Do you think that you came into the world as a mature adult? From the sound of it, you’re still not an adult. And, with the early exposure to the ugly elements of life that these children have to witness these days, how can they be expected to be healthy unless they have a loving and safe environment at home, which too often is not the case, more and more these days. With 70+% single households in our communities, with black women trying to feed, house and nurture several kids alone, with no nurturing and/or support coming their way as they struggle these days, in this economy, why is everyone surprised that children are hurting. We’re all hurting.

    The other reason our children are being predisposed as criminals via this inhumane and unjust practice is because the black community still sits back and lets it happen. We too often provide no safe harbor and protection for our children. We don’t take a stand of indignation or have any insult level anymore. We just go along to get along. And too many of us fantasize that we’re free. For those who don’t get it, and think that we have “arrived,” let me say this: slavery has only been modernized, and is more lethal than ever, as now it is in the minds and hearts of a maligned people versus just in the chains that used to surround our bodies, and not as much our minds. This damage, by the way of creating a permanently damaged and maligned caste system, has been going on for well over 400 years now. Hair weaves, nose jobs, and expensive cars do not a freed people make.

    As far as I’m concerned, Rainbow PUSH, the NAACP, the Urban League, the Joint Center for Black Justice and every other black organization that contends that it is about the business of civil rights should be filing class action suits, and up in arms about the black child malignment/public child abuse pandemic in our community. Yes, there’s plenty to be concerned about, but how can we continue to ignore the deliberately designed criminalization of our babies, and the fratricide of our teens on the streets and not be proactive in trying combat it versus ignoring the problems away?

    And more black men need to begin to grow up and take responsibility for our women and children regardless of their sexual depositon as straigt, gay or in between. The burden of responsibility that black women have been forced to carry in the black community is unfair, thankless and irresponsible on the part of society at large, and especially black men.

    With the nouveau riche black males in particular absconding from the black female and child as fast as they can run to seek “greener pastures,” it has become a sad testament to the power of self hate and the pandemic Peter Pan complex syndromes that are prevalent in our community as well. Black men need to start manning up; and stop making asinine statements like the one you Michael, just made. Grow up.

    • Well said! There is much to this problem that is not being openly discussed, but your points are well presented. Food for thought for those who THINK!

  3. niggers are criminals by nature. thes niggers need to be removed from schools as they disrupt the learning of humans that want to learn

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