Dr. Boyce: Taxation Without Representation – How the Child Support System Should Be Changed

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dr boyce watkins discusses financial abortions and changing the child support system

by Dr. Boyce Watkins – Scholarship in Action

I was on 1380 WAOK in Atlanta for an interesting interview this morning.  The conversation revolved around child support payments and the “Financial Abortions” concept that my Senior Editor, Kirsten West-Savali, brought to my attention just a couple of months ago.  The conversation expanded to child support in general, and I can say that I am clearly concerned about deadbeat parents who choose not to support their kids.  I don’t care if he’s buying diapers and visiting your child every weekend; he should also be using a chunk of his paycheck to help you pay the bills related to taking care of that child.

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  1. Do you know any custodial parents seeking back child suppport payments, but can’t locate the father? I’m an advocate for children and know how to find the father to get the mom paid. If you know anyone in this position, please have them e-mail me at Turia_Lennon@yahoo.com
    A friend of mine founded a company to help get money owed to the parents.
    I have a personal passion for this because I grew up without support from my father and REALLY want to help others.

  2. I understand about the dead-beat fathers out here in society…but let’s not forget about the uh, um, so-called mother who mismanages money and do not pay her bills because she wants her hair done or some other less important want, instead of a need…

    All of this male and female bashing among the black community is terrible and needs to stop…

    Nine times out of ten, drugs and alcohol plays a role in the broken family home…unemployment among black males and females is second…

    How can you pay for anything when you do not have some type of employment? and for those of you who have the skills to command $45.00 per hour or more, you know exactly how hard it is to find a job in your profession…

    Dr. Boyce, I like your articles, but n$%*&r please, lets talk about how we can create jobs that pay our people six figures per year for those who qualify, and also create jobs for those who deserve minimum wage or more…

    Write an article on Oprah, and why she open a girl school in south Africa of all places…she could have open the school in Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, etc…but to be real, ask her why she did not open that school here in America in places like South East DC, Cleveland, Brooklin, East Columbus Ohio, and so on…

    We definitely have our priorities all mixed up and toatlly dedicated to the white man (Jesus), you know, the typical white male, perverted child molesting catholic…

    I hate this country, I mean seriously, I hate the USA and all countries that does business with this perverted racist nation…

    Go EGYPT, you are making change happen, break away from the USA…it will not be easy, but keep trying…

    To bad I was born and raised in the racist State of Ohio…


  3. child support advocates do not believe in equally. Both parents are responsible for raising a child, and should have equal access to their child. It’s time acknowledge the new traditional family and make laws that support the new single parent homes. The child should be awarded to the parent who can provide adequate housing, and food without the individual using the welfare system. Most mother’s who get a monthly check raise criminals, who in up in jail for drugs, robbery, or murder. Why continue to reward these failures with child support payments?

  4. With the advent of the crack epidemic and just women who now “think like men” there is a new demographic to debate. This demographic is now the fastest growing one in this country, it’s these women who have kids and abandon them. More fathers are raising their kids with just the help of God and not applying for support from these deadbeat moms! Brothers that are out there in this position, please apply for child support immediately. Don’t let these people , whomever they are, continue to perpetuate the myth that it’s just us. It ain’t!

  5. yes its a shame that we as a people go through this nobody win but the kids loose, see child support has different situations and they all stink THE CHILD SUPPORT SYSTEM needs to be overhauled its not working for a lot of families this christmas was a sad case of the suspension of my lisence therefore kids didnt get anything REAL TALK SOMEBODY NEEDS TO DO SOMETHING ITS TEARING AND ALSO EMBARRASSING THE BLACK COMMUNITY. RESPOND BACK

    • Do not blame the child support system, blame these no good people who are laying up and giving and having babies that they cannot support. The nation needs to thank the child support system. The child support system needs to have in place a support other than money. These parents should be made to get professional help in raising these children, ie., parenting classes, marriage counseling, etc. There should also be a system in place to force the absentee parent to share parenting by forcing visitation. Everyone wants to blame drugs for all the misfortunes that people go through. If these people had bible upbring in their lives, I guarantee you that they would not suffer like they do. As for Christmas, that was not the sad case, the sad case is that you have your children believing that there is something wrong with celebrating the holiday without going into debt for gifts. Life is a gift and this is what we should be concentrating on giving to our children. Pray for your license, and pray for the wisdom to do what you have to to get what you need and want. Teach your children to pray so that they do not get caught up in fornication, drugs, etc. This will make the Black community look better when the behaviors are changed.

  6. The past is gone. If you have a son or daughter you start now, The hard truth is this. That person looking back at you from the mirror is the adult that is responsible for the new generation of responsible adults. Get some help The victims of this flawed process my suffer the remainder of there life time in America. Men in America are to damed weak to make immediate change to any system being currently used or abused even when they know it is wrong. The public has been hoodwicked and sold out to corruption. When a man comes along and suggest change just take a look at what is happening to President Obama. Most of America can’t handle the truth. Kill the health care poroposal is the cry,never mind the 2,000,000 million Americans that need it. In a fair and just society Fix what is broken would be the cry so it doesn’t hurt anyone. It is expensive is the wrong statement. Corporate GREED is out of control and constantly driving up the cost. Thats the facts. Where is the heart of Americans. Send rockets to the moon and not want the expense of taking care of its poor. The mind of Americans is damaged but possibly can be repaired. Those stars and stripes are not a lie,those living under the safety and security of it have lost there pride and greed,selfish greed has replaced the blood that was in there vains THERE ARE NO SELF MADE MILLIONARIES. THEY ALL USED AND ABUSED AMERICAN CITIZENS TO GET WHERE THEY ARE. NOW THEY HIDE IN SHAME. A CONGRESS THAT WON’T HELP THE PRESIDENT,AND A BANKING SYSTEM THAT WON’T HELP IT CUSTOMERS. I ASK ALL AMERICANS “WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE’????

  7. Child support and divorce laws must be change. Child support law change must start with a parent’s bill of rights, greater accountability on were the money is spent and solutions that strengthen families instead of punishing them, if change parent may rethink divorce or at the very lease domestic violence rate will drop by 25%. Divorce laws should be change to reflect the change in society in it’s current state it amount to nothing more that legalized swindling, if divorce laws are change and made fair and just not vindictive or to punish, the the divorce rate would drop and domestic violence rate would drop by 45 %!

  8. As an avocate for children s’ rights to both parents and a victim of a person who learned how to ‘use’ the court system, I have firsthand experienced the tipped scales of justice in NYS. The fAMILY cOURT sYSTEM is not designers to care about families or children ..The judges who decide the fate of families get recommendations from the ACS .That ‘service’is contracted by the state to ‘decide’ if conditions for children are ‘safe’ .SCI determines the income guidelines for support. the problem is none of gysa agencies is responsible to or accountable for the outcome of the family after making their ‘determination; ACS takes complaints but rarely does anything more than give the judges information, oftimes erroneously about the circumstances that created the case. Custody was determined by the parent who was more convincing in the courtroom.(Legal outcomes seem to be based more on who presents the best case rather than factual information..)Income guidelines based on combined income but no demand is made for income verification in most cases..mainly based on perception of income,ie; he has a Lincoln (1987-value @$1500) but he won’t give me more money..Yes he should take the bus when he comes to pick them up.somebody has to pay my Lexus carnote..I fought that system for 18 years and after all that misery. My ,childrens grandparents want to know if we are ‘getting back together” and finally admitted I am a good Father..

  9. Personal info..Oprah does FUND a Boarding School in D/M/V area..don’t know if she owns it though..I know one of the student teachers..classmate of my Daughter.

  10. When those paying child support are given the right to know how every dime is spent that they send for child support, they should be given the responsibility to pay exactly what is being spent to care for their child without regard for what is affordable to the person paying. Isn’t that how the world works? When I go to the grocery store, do owners set costs for groceries based on what customers can afford to pay?….Indeed not! They give people choices and when we choose what we want to buy to eat, we pay their price. If I go to a department store to buy boots for winter, I select what I want to wear and pay the cost for the decision I make. Why should it be any different when it comes to paying child support? When men and women choose to have unprotected sex and their pleasures cause a new life to enter this world, they should be made to pay whatever it costs to support that new life by any means necessary. If one child lives in a house with one parent, the parent who pays child support should be responsible for paying half of every bill in that house that’s related to caring for that child’s needs. That means pay 1/2 the rent, 1/2 of all utilities, 1/2 the car note and insurance if a car is needed to transport the child back and forth to school, daycare or other places, and 1/2 of all other costs including home furnishings that are related to providing a decent place for a child to live. It ticks me off when those who are paying child support think they are paying their fair share when actual costs are substantially more to care for a child. I know men/women who are paying less than $100/mo in child support and they continue producing more kids. I believe when people continue making decisions to bring new life into the world that they can’t afford to care for, they are proving themselves incapaable of making good choices. In those instances I don’t believe it’s wrong to demand that these people be relieved of their reproductive rights expeditiously.

  11. Child support, from a national perspective has become a manifestation of Economic Apartheid, primarily for African American males. The reason why is that to many elected
    representatives are not cognizant that the federal statute
    is the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 (PRWORA). The PRWORA works in conjunction with
    a state statute called the Financial Institution Data Match (FIDM); each state has its own – supposedly. Thus, when child support arrearage owed the designated child agency can take the owed
    monies directly from the non-custodial parent’s bank account.

    The federal law mandated that this action be done on a quarterly basis. It is not being done in the majority of child support arrearage cases; otherwise, white males would not presently owe
    approximately $100 Billion in child support arrearage.

  12. The only solution is to address the cause of and purpose of family formation. If a man properly seeks a mate and finds a good thing and both individuals are committed and educated in how to govern themselves there will be a solid foundation from which to launch successful individuals into the community. If one conceives a child before one has stopped being a child often the responsibility is taken up by the previous generation and if that is lacking the security of the children falls to the state. The State cannot guarantee the success of our children. When the money runs out they, the children, are on their own. We live in a culture, globally, that overemphasizes sex while denying its purpose. It is so powerful that it can destroy individuals and communities or build strong families and nations.

  13. This topic is becoming as controversial as the death penalty. a bad juxtaposition but that is life. child support is a right and a given. how can u expect to plant seeds and not nourish them? and why do we always use a welfare mom as an example? Bosch or whatever his name is child’s mother applied for food stamps while he makes 18 mil..excuse me if i can’t see this redundant rhetoric that women want money to get hair and nails done.
    think of the cost it takes to maintain you and then multiply that a few times. maintaining children is not just food and clothes. that was yesterday. its French, Spanish,dance,violin and piano classes and the list goes on.

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