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by Dr. Boyce Watkins, Your Black World

Someone forwarded me an email the other day about President Barack Obama. Viral emails about the Obama family have become an industry within themselves, with millions of black folks hanging on every word, event or insult being thrust at the Black American royal family. Will and Jada were once the best we had, and now they have to ride in the back of the chariot.

via Dr. Boyce: How Black America Has Changed Because of the Obama Presidency | The Boyce Blog.

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  1. Pastori Balele at 7:22 am

    I agree – electing President Obama changed not only how African Americans see themselves, but also how each individual on this planet see himself or herself. During 2008 campaigns I met and talked to several people – Whites, Blacks, Asians, Moslems, Christians, Catholics, Pagan, Republicans, Democrats and people from other countries. One thing that stroke me-all said: “This is not happening in my lifetime – an African-American could be President!” And indeed it happened. That’s why you saw tears of joy from all over the world. I know we were going to re-elect President Obama – I mean given the roster of GOP candidates now and their horrible backgrounds. People all over the world regardless race and creed now think nothing is impossible. That’s why we saw or are seeing uprising in Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Syria, Morocco, etc. People of the world now think they can achieve anything if they tried hard and played by the rules given in their hearts. Of course we still have resistance from right wing and those who do not want to accept fact we have an African-American as President of US and the world. I am sorry for them and am praying for them every day to accept the fact. President Obama has positively changed each of us and every individual’s look on their lives – and this is ever lasting- Amen.

  2. Ray Cist at 3:33 am

    nigbama has never held a job in its life, and stupid people elected this nigger that is destroying a one great country. our olny hope is to get this nigger out in 2012

      • radar-dreamer at 5:41 pm

        why in the world are you answering that ignorant white boy?…..folks like you help make them relevant. Just ignore him, he cannot spell correctly anyway so consider the source

    • Terry at 2:07 am

      Since you are so big in saying the N word it’s obvious that you’re the trash that needs to be taken out and the great white hope that didn’t get your wish as Pres. Well you had 16 yrs of trash , mess and glutony at the hands and mouths of the poor and middle class through the great white hope of Pres.s Bush I and II, the bubble they blowed up with their own distasteful and dishonet deeds and pursuits has burst, just so happened they put in a black man, someone easier for the public to blame, since y’all blame everything going wrong with this country on minorities anyway, You thought you could control the black man it didn’t work because God set them free, you thought you could control the hispanics/latina communities because they came over here working for the white man but they outgrew their boundaries, so you found a way to send them back to their own country.. Well you are getting yours and in 2012 your eyes will be opened to it all…….You can’t keep a good man down and neither can you tear him down….you will try but you won’t succeed…..GOD is in CONTROL of it all and you can’t do one thing about it…… This had to happen to show you who GOD Jehovah, Yahweh really is……. And he is gonna serve a second term!!!!! FYI

  3. Ramona at 7:16 pm

    God is a spirit. Those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth.” Jn 4; 24
    God says that he is a spirit being and not a color being. Then if he made man in his image and likeness it follows that man is also a spirit being and not a color being. Simple logic.

  4. BigWill at 10:20 pm

    As long as theirs diverse people in skin color, cultures, and I.Q.’s your gonna have simple minds like ray cist.he and those like him are a cancer to society,a old thing that has no purpose but to be ignored by the rational and intelligent people. He reminds me of after the body removes all it can use from food,it then excrete the good for nothing stuff. That’s ray cist the excretion of america.

  5. David at 9:28 pm

    You can play on words Ray Cist but today your red-neck will be red for sure and your forefathers that came out of those caves of Europe with all of that hair that still clings to you crackers backs ,arms and legs, oh and the small tails that some of you still have at birth won’t change the fact that you come from a race of Devils. I hope to confront all of you ray cist so I can dress you in a white robe with your hoods because just like the cowards you were born to be you still carry the coward, punk ass legacy.

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