Dr. Boyce: 5 Questions (Black) People are Asking about the Michael Jordan Engagement

by Dr. Boyce Watkins

After NBA Hall of Famer Michael Jordan was engaged to long-time girlfriend Yvette Prieto this week, a lot of folks in the black community looked at their computer screens with a crooked neck.  Not that anyone is particularly interested in the personal life of Jordan, but some were trying to make sense out of why this 48-year old super-bachelor from a messy divorce that led to one of the largest payouts in history would ever go anywhere near a wedding ceremony.   But as I mention in my book, “Financial Lovemaking,” love makes us all do crazy things, and even Mike is not immune to the power of love (aka, “Mother Nature’s crack pipe”).

I must confess that the first question being asked by many of our YourBlackWorld readers was “Who cares?”  It’s not that anyone has any particular reason to be concerned about Michael Jordan’s personal life.  But personally, I love finding all the teachable moments that lie within interesting current events, and the financial/relationship choices of prominent black male athletes can make for an interesting exercise in professorial thought.

Beyond the “who cares?” crowd, most people had other questions that went beyond the obvious.  After seeing all the comments on the issue on our Facebook page, I thought I’d share a few questions some people had about the new Mr. and Mrs. Michael Jordan:

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  1. BlackBeauty at 5:19 am

    One has to wonder why anyone would have interest in whom Michel Jordan is engaged to marry!
    I would think folks would have enough of their own business to take care of and be sure their house is in order!
    I wish Michael Jordan all the happiness. He is a mature man and is able to make his own choices like every one else.
    Again, Dr. Watkins, was there nothing else that could have been more important/informative/educational to folks instead of the focus on this engagement?
    Black folks, wake up and stop the foolishness!

    • ReneldaMoorehead at 5:25 am

      @BlackBeauty–You’re a beaute, alright. You don’t know how to enjoy harmless gossip. Celebrated
      people are expected to be talked about and criticized. Sistah-woman, here’s some advice: Let the child in you come out to play. Try that for this new year. Be Blessed.

      • Mina at 10:10 pm

        Renelda- nYou are right, enough siad. Humans by nature will talk and also like to hear about gossip. Entertainers lives are in the forefront because of the media. Trust me, their are a lot of people who are fans, enthusiast , etc who like hearing about people. I really enjoy leaqrning how people live their lives. We get many years to live and learning as another responder says, you can use it as a learning tool.

        Have a great New Year!

    • Loretta at 3:07 pm

      @ BlackBeauty…You are so right, who really cares! I hate gossip! I wish them the best, now let’s move forward and focus on more important things! Peace and Blessings to you in the New Year!

    • Toni at 4:13 pm

      I totally agree with you but it is something that you and I both read and that is what Dr. Watkins has accomplished. It is news and he is in the news business.
      I felt the same way when the story regarding our President Barrack and his wife wanting to have a four million dollar vacation…I felt that was Enquirer style news.

    • James at 4:29 pm

      Oh, grow up and stop spending all your time hating on Dr. Watkins. You’re doing the exact same thing that you’re criticizing him for doing! Find some business of your own.

    • Mz at 4:50 pm

      Yes. Black folks like you Need to wake up! Is it really ok that you aren’t good enough? Black men in entertainment have openly showed that slave mentality and inferiority is still alive and well in them. Black women aren’t good enough-period. Even white men who marry black women are forcasted in a different light. Robert Deniro for example, has children with more than one black woman. Have you ever seen him casted in love with one in a movie? He’s a big money-maker and yet, he is still casted with white women. It’s a double standard that you are supporting when you say you don’t care. So go ahead and continue with the “better by c tch mentality” and watch the flight of the brothers continue to happen. SMDH

      • Jed Wing at 8:25 pm

        Whether a celebrity marries white or black doesn’t help or hurt the average black woman. Guess what, Jordan or whoever else is not coming to your town, seeing you at the club and marrying you. That goes for your friends and family as well. Celebrity gossip is the same as sports viewing – a distraction, one that we all indulge in, one way or the other at some point. Still, as a teachable moment, I have to say that there are lots of good black men around but sistahs diss them or keep them in the friend zone, while they fantasize about that perfect guy, who is fine, cute, buff, cut, makes hella money, wants a family, worships god (at least on Sunday) and only has eyes for them (and the darker and fatter the better in Brother Perfection’s eyes). This is really the flip side of the successful black man gettin’ with a white woman.

        In fact successful men in our society want the accoutrements of success: material possessions galore, bling, golf club memberships, and petite or tall blonds. The teachable moment here is focus on reality when it comes to love. And reality is – well, look around in your life.

        • Alice at 8:26 am

          Hi Jed, there is also good sistahs around. Also, they are coming to our town, look at James LaBron, he just married his tall Beautiful Black Wife and guess what? He can still enjoy his success with material posessions galore, bling, golf club, etc. Let’s face the whole truth of the matter; she would’nt be interested in Jordan only because of who he is and you know it.

      • Linletta at 3:52 am

        Sometimes, when a high profile Black man decides to marry someone outside of his race, we as African American Women should be greatful.His wealth and success as an athlete can’t make up for some Blatent character flaws that were made public during his divorce.As for successful men of any race prefering ” Becky’s”…..well, There are a LOT of wealthy Caucasian men who are preferring beautiful Black women.Cases in Point…Chris Noth(Law and Order, Sex and the city) Wolfgang Puck, Robert Deniro, Boris Becker,Robert Deniro,and that very strange looking Member of Spanish Nobility that is engaged to Kelly Rowland. The point is…If he want’s to date / marry a white woman, maybe, just maybe…he’s doing African american Women a favor.Just a little food for thought.

        • voice of conscience at 11:23 pm

          yeah yeah -yeah some of us are right and some of us are wrong ok.the the most important thing to remember here is [ FOLKS WAKE UP AND REALIZE THAT IT IS A SPIRIT TAKING WORLD AND THAT IS WHY OPPOSITES WILL ALWAYS ATTRACT OK] however by the same token as i have mentioned before there are some black people men and men who make a point to seek out and marry people of another race,whether it is due to an [ INFERIORITY COMPLEX OR WORSE SELF HATRED ] I THINK PEOPLE SHOULD MARRY WHOMEVER MAKES THEM HAPPY BOTTOM LINE OK. this guy is very rich and famous and i will say this much about him it is his money and his life that entitles him to do whatever he wants to do with both. my only beef with him is that he like a lot of other super successful black folks do look back and try to help the very people who supported them ,i may be wrong but i can say that i have never ever heard of mr.jordan building any boys and girls clubs in the hood or working with at risk youth to possibly becoming a victim of their own doings and or a system that is bent on warehousing and or eliminating as many black people as possible.this guy is just into himself he is just another thing on a string a mere wealthy puppet a frontman for nike and the other financial powers that be now here is a real professional and a hereo of mine [ MR.JIM BROWN ] DAMN RIGHT BABY A REAL MAN IN EVERY SENSE OF THE WORD.]yes he had an incident with his woman back in the day but who has not had a problem or 2 with their loved ones.my point is real simple big jim cares he puts his little money where his mouth is working with the inner city yout of [ south central l.a. ] and accross the country giving lectures even inviting a few GANG BANGERS INTO HIS HOME TO TALK TO THEM ]IN A NUT SHELL MICHAEL JORDAN IS JUST ANOTHER SELFISH GREEDY LITTLE BOY / JIM BROWN IS A GROWN GIVING CARING UNSELFISH REAL BROTHER MAN . I CERTAINLY WILL NOT BUY A BIG PIECE OF CLOTH AND RUBBER FOR $200.00 THAT IS MADE IN A 3RD WORLD COUNTRY IN A MODERN DAY SLAVE LABOR SWEAT SHOP AT 50 CENTS AN HOUR WHILS MR JORDAN LAUGHS HIS GREEDY MULITBILLION SLAVE MASTER [ NIKE BOTH LAUGH ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK NUFF SAID

      • REGGIE at 4:30 pm

        Yes, DeNiro has been cast with a black woman as a love interest. I think the name of the movie was called “The Heist” or something similar. He was in love with Angela Bassett and they ended up together at the end of the movie. This movie also starred Edward Norton.

    • Rosie at 4:16 am

      I really do not care who Mr. Jordan marries. He had a beautiful black woman as the mother of his children and as a wife. I guess he had to go try and make himself happy, happiness is and inside job Mr. Jordan, it does not matter much to whom you are married.

    • Poetee at 8:13 pm

      Dr Boyce Watkins is highly intelligent, has great compassion for us as he fights an up hill battle to drag us out of the mental oppression perpetuated by what some seem to think is in the past and that is racism. If no one cares they do not take the time to comment on something that is obviously meant for others.
      I will share what a 33 year old highly intelligent Black man said to me about the certain black men. When they have nothing, they date and sleep around with the black women growing up as they live next door to them in their neighborhoods. When they get something they marry white.
      Truth is some black people still feel that non black people are a trophy period!
      On the other hand I see quite a few white girls get taken advantage of by black men who would take advantage of any woman no matter the ethnicity. Then there’s the young black guy who was done with black women and decided that white women were bette r so him being from Illinpis did the long distance romance with a California white girl who he thought was attractive and like him as much as he liked her on the contrary he found out about her sexual habits were not limited to him. Then there’s my great niece who was ridiculed all her life for being dark skinned only to be dumped by her college sweetheart (because she was too dark for him afterall). Heartbroken, she dated and married white guy, they have two kids, but ex wanted her back when she started dating white guy, she was still Wesley Snipes dark, but the fact that a white guy saw her as being attractive seem to affect him.
      I am seeing more black women date outside of their race, not because they want to do it, but ibecause they want to have a loving relationship with someone who appreciates their difference in hair, skin, physique, and character and still treat them like a delicate gentle lady they are.
      To be honest, I think we are freaking beautiful and I can see why others would want to be with us, we just need to realize we are a beautiful people and we should tell our kids when they exit the womb how great they are and they are the best! Spike Lee said it best, when and if they marry us, they marry up and when we marry them, we get what they don’t want.

    • soul bro Ian at 5:52 pm

      Wow, i agree with you entirely on this, what Michael Jordan does is his business, when beverly johnson or Iman marries a white brother, no one says anything, from what i understand black women have been doing this for years, I am a black brother, do i care, no not at all marry who you love, not for the status, or the money, but marry the one that will have you back, and I am not impress with what dr boyce has to say about this brother, not because he’s michael jordan, but because its none of his business at all, there are other things that can be done with the website, like get people to think about their actions and not manipulated them about showbiz bull, enlightening them to realise the worth of themselves, black people that is, to much talk from hosts and nothing being done here, forget peoples personal life and encourage mental growth in wisdom and love and understanding communities will benefit from that brother.

  2. Pat at 5:32 am

    I am glad to see a brother like Dr. Watkins who says the real thing. Too many of our brothers do not value black women by not marrying them. Most men from other races marry their women. More and more, I only have respect for brothers like Tyrese who say that nobody is better for them than black women.

    • BETTY at 2:47 pm

      I AGREE WITH YOU PAT!,ALTHOUGH IT’S NOT ANYONE’S BUSINESS,i honestly feel if these black men like “jordan” did not have money!,these women would not give them the time of day!black women work hard! we also dream of being sweeped of our feet by an sucessful black man! We are worthy!

      • Rosalie at 6:56 pm

        Exactly. These self hating Tom’s are being played by these women. White women do not see black or white — they see green. This is one of the reasons why our race is so undivided. When you marry outside your race, you are elevating people who are already elevated and they keep it in the family (they marry their own kind). Think about it, they spread your wealth around to their family and friends, and these people are seeing the benefit of your hard work. Pat is right. They wouldn’t have you if you were not Michael Jordan. As much prejudice as there is, white people have no problem with a black rich jackass marrying one of their own .

    • Mina at 10:14 pm

      Hi Pat

      Not all Black men are alike. Many have preferences. Growing up in CA and visiting many states, you’d be surprised of all the black males who married black women. Their are many things that draw people together. But I must tell you as The First Lady, Michelle Obama stated , “it is best to marry someone for thier inner soul rather than the physical looks, because looks surely fade away.”

      Have a Great New Year!

    • Mina at 10:20 pm

      Hi Pat

      Please read Mr Lloyd Jackson’s post, it has true meaning. I wrote another post for you but there was an error. I read Lloyd’s response and it said it for me.

      P>S,. I am so happy for the internet it allows talk as we are doing here. You can learn a lot. remember “Black Voices”?

      Have a Happy New Year!

  3. Olin Ross at 5:41 am

    OHHHHHH the MIND………As I have said before the mind is the powerful asset God bestowed upon mankind….It’s more powerful & destructive than the atomic bomb…………

    • Dr. Greymatter at 8:55 pm

      Amind Olin Ross! Amind!!!…Life is the only place where anything can happen and does all the time. Gossip is a part of the total composition of everything. What would life be doing if it wasn’t doing what its doing? Without a mind/a brain would God exsist? Its all good!!!!

    • stopthstupidity at 3:37 pm

      In my experience those are the men that do not want the black experience in their private lives. They do not want to be reminded that many of our ancestors were slaves. It seems to much for their minds to handle and still be attracted to. They want something different than the black experience in their lives even though they may wear African clothing and natural hair, actors, authors, you name it they don’t want it in their beds. With all the beautiful black women of all shades, hair types, economic backgrounds, education and talent, they still want something else – not the black experience.

      • Dr. Greymatter at 9:21 pm

        Yes, at times i wish i could escape the black experience, the weight of it can be unbearable some times. And yes i know i’ve been damaged by this racist patriarcal societ. Ever experiece i encounter helps me heal, this conversation is part of my healing. If i had money like Michael J, I would have many, many, many new experierces. I would marry some one outside my so called culture. Especially, if i had aready married an African American woman and rightfully, paid her money she was due. I would marry whom ever i desire.
        “We only get one shot on this blue ball.”

      • Dee at 7:17 pm

        What can be more of a reminder that many of our ancestors were/and still are enslaved, than someone in your bed who looks like the slave master. Black men are a major factor in the downfall of the black community; let’s not make any more excuses for them turning their backs on the community and women who look like them and their mothers.

    • JG at 4:38 pm

      Because the women out there now only look like our mothers. You do not act like the people they were inside. These women out there now of the marrying age are some of the most narcissistic, mean, uncaring people I’ve ever been associated with. Cooking is totally out of the question, and alot of times making money and looking good comes before child rearing. I don’t know when or what happened to you guys but being tough and acting like men is not appealing at all. Let’s not get into all the drama, you cannot live other peoples lives for them including your relatives and your grown children. Take care of home first.

    • tramm at 6:06 pm


    • Jed Wing at 9:11 pm

      Spike was full of it. His wife has blonde hair and is lighter that half the so-called white women I’ve known and or dated (olive skinned and from the Mediterranean). He wrote a script with James McBride, whose first breakthrough was a memoir about his white, Jewish mom. He filmed “Passing Strange” a musical created by Stew and his wife, who is very WHITE. Is what he says about white women/black men apply to them?
      Race is an artificial creation used to divide people so that the power brokers can exploit and control them. Look at Don King playing the race card with Tyson, talking about “white man rippin’ you off” and at that time he was the richest and most beloved boxer of all time and doing Nintendo and Toyota ads, and, most importantly, getting paid properly from his fight purses. King used trickinations and accounting scams to rip off all his boxers going back to Larry Holmes. And race is used against poor and working class whites from the time of Reconstruction until now.

      Black men and women get a grip.

    • Alice at 8:14 am

      Huguens, it’s not that we don’t wish him happiness and good health; it’s just the plain truth. She would not have been interested in him, only because who he is and he knows it. I hope their relationship last forever; time (money) will tell.

  4. bubbles at 2:50 pm

    why is it that every time i post an comment! the response is duplicate comment detected? ;i’m going to stop coming to this site at all! it’s stupied!

  5. nativenuyorker at 2:59 pm

    What I love about Dr. Watkin’s comments are that most of us, especially, Black men, pretend that there’s nothing wrong with Black men rejecting their women. Black women raised, nurtured, and loved them but they are not good enough to date and marry, especially when they are on the rise to wealth. Too many of us are unconcious of the psychological effect that is having on our young girls and young ladies as well as young boys and men. The love of material goods, lack of interest in our history and lack of self love is ruining the African American community. Look at the evidence surrounding us.

  6. SANDRIA at 3:03 pm


  7. REDT at 3:06 pm

    Really? Why is this an issue of black women vs all other nationalities? I’m sure in MJ’s travels and circles he has met many a woman of all colors to chat, date or “play” with? Did it occur to anyone that perhaps Ms. Prieto just has what makes him tick?? Attraction is Attraction no matter the skin color and so is LOVE! Please get over the connotation that somehow by him choosing her he has diminished the worth or beauty of black women. ALL women are beautiful regardless of creed or color! Latinas are a minority just like black women….would you say this if she were from India with darker skin? In Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Haiti and I could go on and on skin color ranges from fair to very dark (like Michael) and just like black folks. Let’s stop regressing into a tired argument of blk women vs everybody and instead focus on how as an individual you can find Mr. or Mrs. Right for you!!

    And for the record and I am of mixed race Blk and Salvadorean but consider myself Blk and am very happily married to a Blk man who happens to be extremely fair with green eyes!! He and Ms. Prieto could be related!

    Have a Happy New Year!!

    • Rosa Elisa Drake-Tate at 3:12 pm

      And for the record, his first wife, Juanita was fair skinned too!! Should we be upset bc his mom was darker??? STOP just STOP!

    • Jed Wing at 9:15 pm

      Thank god for your sanity. I’m with you. As for me, I want Gabrielle Union and Kristin Bell singing “Ebony and Ivory” at the foot of my bed before they both jump in there.

      That’s my New Year’s wish!

    • Joplin at 8:57 am

      And, why should we care? Because it is about race and the fact that many celebrated black athletes and entertainers choose to marry outside of our race at alarming levels and this precedent is, indeed, disturbing and deletarious to the the health and harmony of our community!!! Yet, they seek our support of their craft and we contribute collectively to their coffers so that they achieve fame and fortune. And, then they turn around and choose someone of another race and how dare we audaciously question their decision to date or marry a white or other nonblack person!!!! Oh, pardon me, now that they have ASCENDED, they owe us in the old neighborhood nothing and we should just mind our own business and shut our traps while they blatantly strut like grinning peacocks on red carpets and before the cameras with women who (in general) look nothing like their mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters or even that beautiful black girl who stood by their side before all of the accoutrements!!!

      We have been subjugated and brainwashed through slavery, colonization, Jim Crow and the like to worship the white aesthetic and to hate any negroid features associated with the traditional black phenotypes of Africa: dark skin, wide nose, kinky hair, etc. Even in 2012, anyone who thinks that this no longer has an effect on the collective black psyche is delusional!!!

      Just randomly peruse the general magazine covers at your local grocery store and you’ll see dozens of white female images of beauty; check out your local ads on television and you will still notice that the white woman is marketed as the symbol of beauty. There has been a little progress and some diversity but, by and large, this has not changed and us sweeping this major fact under the rug with this “we are the world, the originator of man crap” will not assuage or mollify this fact!!!!

      Many black people still worship “white beauty” and any approximation to that beauty even if wrapped in a darker package. Given this fact, it is not surprising that some black males and, particularly, those in the highest echelons of the culture would have a preference for white women when they have “made it.”

      Why is it considered so progressive to marry outside of one’s race and culture? Why are so many black websites and even magazines, like Essence, promoting this? We have so many serious issues bombarding our community where we need to love, support and maintain strong black families and we have some in our community who want to further dissolve those already fragile and tenuous bonds through promoting that we “hook up” with and marry other races as if this will not have a long term effect on the black community!!!

      Marry and love who you want, but, please don’t insult our intelligence that one can truly be core-committed to the black community but wakes up every morning and looks into the face of someone who does not look like us and do not share our racial history and pain in this country. And, don’t misunderstand me, I know that many whites and others contributed to our civil rights struggles but FAR MORE either heaped hell upon us or sat by benignly and allowed our collected posteriors to be kicked across the American landscape!!!

  8. Joia at 3:29 pm

    Well, where shall I start? If Sistahs and intelligent, conscionable black males are not concerned about the propensity of black males, especially those with two nickels to rub together to offer a black woman the lifestyles of being flown in on a private jet to the French Riveria to be proposed to, are not insulted, there’s no hope for our redemption as a healthy people.

    Let me say that I will stand alone, my life long, with being insulted by the preferences of these self-loathing fools, yes fools, who are the only males on the planet who put other women above their own. These idiots may have a lots of money, but they are still the oafs of the planet. And as Oprah, of OWN [Oprah’s White people’s only Network] has said time and again, if you go alone with the flow, as in black oppression as a permanent caste system of enslavement tactics, then the rest is easy.

    I pray that Michael’s future bride doesn’t sign a pre-nupt, and laugh all the way to the bank with each and every red cent he has or ever will have.

    Also, to add insult to injury, no one has mentioned the timing of this proposal. Here we are , in the middle of the fall out from ignorant, oppressed, poverty stricken black folks having stood in line over night during the Christman Holidays, stabbing, cursing out slashing and waiting in the wake to rob other poor black folks of their $180+ per pair of plastic, cheap labor factory made “Air Jordans” gym shoes, and this non-chalant, could’nt give a rats ass, man shows just how much he cares about these programmed fools, by announcing his engagement to a woman other than one who looks like his Mother, Father, Sister or Brother. Of course, she would be too repulsively ugleee.

    Yet, the most common rationale I hear from black males to explain away their reason for exercising thier self hate by transferring it through black women is: “The Sistahs just ain’t ready.” And, with these stupid nincompoops well entrenched in their futile attempts to buy the love and validation of those who despise them, it speaks volumes of the ignorance of being impervious to your own STUPIDITY.

    The Sistahs ain’t ready. No, I’m no longer ready to try to respect the biggest dumbasses on the planet. AND……………………………………, if black women started loving themselves enough to demand the respect of these fools, and stop just being utensils of survival and exploitation by them, while also pretending that it doesn’t bother them that black males prefer other women over them, then they too could perhaps keep more of the black men who have something to offer them except STDs, baby’s daddy status and denigration.

    A mind is a terrible thing to waste, as is self love!

    • Mina at 10:36 pm

      Hi Joia

      I am glad I read your post. If you can read Mr. Lloyd Jackson’s response. What he has said is true. So true. Also I have traveled to several USA states, in order for a man to be attracted to a women, he looks on the outside first. Later they will have to have some things in common to sustain the relationship. Also some males look for physical gratification , this is a fact. Women do this also. But men more.

      You stated a fact about some males, you said ” the only reason for transferring their self-hate is through black women.” A f woman said this of her brother, who is a mid age man. I am glad you bought this oput, however male or female wwho are like this need a person who really cares about them to help understand this behavior. Joia, all women cannot help a man with this mind set. It takes someone who really understands.

      Have a Great New Year!

      Have a Happy Great New Year!

    • barbara at 12:23 am

      That’s an excellent post…programmed fools, stds, etc. I hope you are aware of the Black women who do “get it.” They have moved on with their lives an aspirations. They are not the ones who ran out at Christmas time to buy the Michael Jordan sneakers so their money can be given to him to fly his White wife to France for a proposal, and buy her a mansion. No, Black women aren’t that stupid.
      After 400 years in this country, the old Mule (Zora Neale Hurston) has awaken. As Dr. Martin Luther King said in his quote of that old Negro spiritual: “Free At Last, Free At Last. Thank God Almighity, I’m Free At Last.” It’s a slow process, but Black women are “waking up.” This M Jordan thing is a Blessing In Disguise.” I hope we will have many, many more Micael Jordans. Black women are too giving and always helping others instead of thinking about themselves; letting others tell her what it is she should want or what she should do, whom she should support, etc.

      I say, bring on more of those Michael Jordans; bring on more of those hate comments against Black women on posts; it only serves to help Black women. That fierce loyalty of Black women needs to be destroyed! Her slave mentality will help her to think about and place herself first, for the first time in our 400 year history. We deserve it.
      No offense to the brothers who love and support us (like my Daddy). You will understand.

    • WHAT at 2:14 am


  9. BlueKid at 3:33 pm

    MJ just confirmed it is okay for black woman to look outside their race. So be blessed and find your own happiness and leave race out of the equation.

  10. Tee at 3:38 pm

    Michael Jordan has the right to marry whomever he wants. He’s just like his best friends Tiger and Charles Barkley they LOVE non-black women. I don’t recall MJ ever speaking up or giving back to the black community…he only cares about your $$$. So black men keep spending $180 on those new Jordans every chance you get and black women keep working hard to buy those $180 shoes for your kids. While MJ and his new wife enjoy your hard earned $$$.

    • WHAT at 2:20 am


  11. tyrone at 3:55 pm

    Let it be known, Ms. Yvette Prieto and her relatives undoubtedly consider themselves white Hispanics (Latinos)… make no mistake about that! There exist in the Latino culture two types of Latinos, Black Latinos as well as white Latinos. I ask you which distinction do you think Ms. Prieto’s relatives acknowledges themselves as, considering social capital is afforded to those who are perceived closer to Europeans than those who are not? So Dr. Watson lets not be naive as to Ms. Pieto’s ethnic background, Cuban is a nationality, not an ethnicity or race of people. Ms. Prieto is a white Latina, this is primarily based on her cultural up bring being based on European norms, values, beliefs. So Mr. Watson, you can spare me with the politically correct language, call it what it is, or what she is, a white Latina!!!!

  12. Levi at 4:01 pm


    “One has to wonder why anyone would have interest in whom Michel Jordan is engaged to marry!
    I would think folks would have enough of their own business to take care of and be sure their house is in order!
    I wish Michael Jordan all the happiness. He is a mature man and is able to make his own choices like every one else.
    Again, Dr. Watkins, was there nothing else that could have been more important/informative/educational to folks instead of the focus on this engagement?
    Black folks, wake up and stop the foolishness!”

    Let the man live his lfe how he wants to since it’s his life anyway… Articles like this are useless tripe.

  13. Mz at 4:40 pm

    It’s funny how black women want to come off as the so called “better By tch” on these subjects but the truth of the matter is that YOU’RE NOT! That’s the point of the arguements. White women are trophies. Society that has set the stage and Black men has bought into it. And it’s really ok? You can call this girl anything you want but two things: Black, stupid-she’s neither one. Many black men have inferiority issues. They claim that they marry outside of their race to hang on to their wealth but really, do they? Terrence Howard, O.J. Simpson, Scottie Pippen, Michael Strahan, Lionel Ritchie etc. etc. They contribute to the wealth of other societies when they choose to make these decisions. Mike is an OLD Fool-period! His age and his money makes him that way. Michael Jordan is and will probably always be an arrogant man who wants to live on both sides of the fence. You find in many incidents black male entertainers are the biggest insult to African-Americans. Juanita Jordan was never in it to offend her ex-husband if so, why hasn’t she accepted an interview to confirm him to be the azz that we all knew that he was to her and her children? I am truly annoyed when Black Women say that this is ok with them. It shows how just how ignorant they are as well.

  14. Roz at 5:30 pm

    I beg to disagree with @levi. This Michael Jordan discussion is not useless tripe. It is very important. I think it is high time the Black community starts to openly speak of this propensity for successful (monied) Blacks to marry outside of their race. It is a proven fact by now. These monied Blacks need to be called on it. Besides self hate what is the reason for this phenomenon? Don’t give that tired “you can’t help who you fall in love with,” excuse. That’s tripe.
    There is something you monied celebs find so repulsive about your Blackness that it simply will not allow you to embrace anything that resembles your mother, sister, etc. Damn, that looks like you!
    It’s not hating to ask a legitimate question. Although they may not say anything when the non-Black is brought home–what must the mothers, sisters be thinking? Hell, I wonder what other races must think.

    • nativenuyorker at 5:53 pm

      Well said. I totally agree. It’s time that we had an honest discussion about black men’s self hate and their unwillingness to procreate brown skin, beautiful nappy or curly headed babies in the world. I live in a large city but I also travel and it’s evident that although it’s evident within our wealthy and/or brothers in entertainment in sports, black men with others is evident throughout the country. On college campuses, corporations, and dance halls black men reject black women no matter how beautiful, demure and talented they are.

  15. Suga at 7:05 pm

    Things like this shouldnt come as a surprised to anyone…Most of the sport players and others get invovle and get married all the time after they have left a marriage to someone else..But they never stop to think , if they worked more on the marriage before it just might would of worked out..Then some marriages are not going to work anyway…….Sports players and other is so caught up in so many womens after them , THEIR MONEY…..And all nationailty of women …….that their minds are over loaded…They dont think about if they should married at a young age…Living their lives and focusing on their careers should be their main focus. But they love giving away their monies to groupies and others….Women do everything under the sun to be in that circle…Its all about money and having that baby ……..to get them and hopely keep them…Thats if thats what , that woman wants…it could just be a money thing……. along with that child support check….lol…….These guys needs to wake up…and think about their actions b/s in the long run they do have conseqences.

  16. Darnell Thrasher at 9:03 pm


    • BlackBeauty at 9:22 pm

      Thank you!!!

      The man must have been attracted to a black woman because he was with one for years! Had his children with a black woman! What is the problem?

      Also, please remember that majority of black men still marry and are with black women! Only a small percentage are with non black women.

      Bottom line for those who have an issue with what others do, get over it! Move on with your own life and find your joy!

    • barbara at 1:23 am

      Second Post to enlighten our SISTERS. In response to your comments.

      Second Post

      I totally agree with you, and Black women (I am one), should tell the likes of you to MOVE ON and don’t expect to “come home” and be with us. That is: Your mother, grandmother, aunts and other female relatives. SERIOSLY. Even these posts—to you–after 400 years–bye-bye!! Enuf said!!!

      And those SO-CALLED Black women (BLack men and White women daughters—My mother and father are both Black—NOT Swedish White lady and African male) as posted about the White basketball player marrying a “Black woman.”

  17. Lloyd Jackson at 9:39 pm

    A lot of you are comical to me. Like it was aforementioned, what does it matter who MJ is marrying? What does it matter of what nationality she is. You forget that MJ was a poor black youth from a black community. He married and fathered children with a black woman. We all know marrying a professional athlete is like marrying a 20 yr old frat boy. He’s out there and surrounded by opportunity and like-minded men who feel that philandering around is not a problem. You knew what you were getting into ex-Mrs. J. How many of you educated, suburban black folk will walk through the ghettos of America looking for your Queen of the Diaspora? You date and eventually marry the women that are in your circles. Put a black woman in the board room, or even in the front offices of the NBA, NFL and so forth, and you will be in that circle. He’s not going to just pick up on and marry the woman who served him drinks on the flight over to Dubai. Most college educated black women want college educated black men. Most women with a job want a man with a job. Most CEO’s want like-minded individuals. The higher you go up in status, class and financial security, the slimmer the pickin’s are for us. It’s a sad fact in our society, but its a fact. Get over it. If you want that man, put yourself in that man’s circle. If not, get over yourself and worry about the gentleman in your office vying for your affection.

    • Joplin at 9:43 am

      Mr. Jackson,

      Are you saying that it is virtually impossible for the Michael Jordans of the world to find beautiful, educated and successful black women in his social circle? I had to read you post twice because I found your assertions so comical and incredulous that I could not believe that you believe or follow this faulty logic!!

      Hell, he divorced one and the mother of his children to add insult to injury!! You and others that think like you need to “get over yourselves” with the promulgation of this sorry excuse that wealthy brothers like MJ just can’t find a sister of his “aired status” to date and marry!! That is BS and you know it!!

      For those that do, it is far better to just admit that you prefer white or nonblack women to your own and be done with it!! And, you are right . It is none of our business who MJ marries but it is OUR BUSINESS if we are still dumb enough to fight and maim ourselves and others to buy his product endorsements when he doesn’t seem to give a rat’s arse about black solidarity and the black community as a whole!!

      Maybe, if he finds himself in an “OJ debacle”, we should forget about him, as well. And, by the way, I found my black prince in one of the “urban jungles of America.” And, you whould be proud to know that he is now well-educated with several professional degrees and fought domestically and on foreign soil to protect “freedoms” that many of us take for granted — or in MJ’s case –the freedom to do whatever he wants without care for the image that he presents to young black boys and girls who may look to emulate him in the future!!

      As attributed to the late, great Martin Luther King, Jr,: “Freedom has always been an expensive thing.” And, we all know that when he and his black comrades were being attacked by vicious dogs, waterhoses, angry white mobs and fire bombs, their ultimate goals were not equal access to enter the front door of a restaurant in some southern racist city to buy a cup of coffee, sit wherever they chose to on a city bus, the right to vote and freedom of assembly — NO– the ultimate goal was for us to throw it all away to salivate and lust behind a white woman when back in the day merely looking at one could cost you your life!!

      But I digress…… have a nice “color-blind”, racially neutral life in 2012!!!

  18. Coldhardtruth at 10:30 pm

    Let me just state first, that I agree with many of the positions that Dr. Boyce takes on a variety the the issues he chooses for discussion. Unfortunately, there seems to be this self-rightiousness critique
    bandied about on this topic about Black men and their self hate manifestations. I’m from Philadelphia, born and raised. Instilled with a firm dose of self love, positive afrocentric values and a love of Black women. I’ve lived in several different states in the U.S. and traveled aboad somewhat several times. Europe, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Carribean islands and more. I understand our history better than most people that I meet. Through it all, I’ve remained a positive conscious Black man who walks with his head high, getting and giving respect. No TOMING, COONING or BUFOONERY, with this brother. I’m an atheist because theres no proof that any of that bible or quaranic stories have any validity, other that what people have been told to believe. The messengers have commited the most horrendous acts of genocide, slavery, rape, colonialism, manifest destiny, fraud and deception to Black people world wide.
    So you see, I undertand all of the historical implications of modern day race mixing. I’ve been in places where there were almost no Black women. What do Black men in these situations do.
    Black peolple in the U.S. make up about 13-14 percnt of the U.S. population. Which to some degree
    may mean Black men may encounter dozens of other non Black women, to every Black woman they meet. Depending on the education, profession, lifestyle or location, these numbers may be significatly higher. I’ve had many relationships in my 54 years of existence on earth, of which the vast majority have been to Black women. The relationships to non Black women were just as positive.
    Here’s the deal people, we’re human (homo sapiens), we’ve been genetically programed to seek out
    other human beings. It’s the legacy of slavery, oppression and disenfranchisement, that conflicts
    with what would be a very natural occurance, of human interaction. I know and have met literally thousands of Black men through the years. I have friends who date white women exclusively and others who date Black women exclusively. The common denominators that we all seem to like in women we choose to spend our time with are, friendliness, femininity, good grooming, outgoing personalities, very few or no young children, average body shape to petite and employed. It’s the women who embody these characteristics, regardless of race that will get these quality of men.
    Men are visual and their sexuality is somewhat tied to their psycho-sexual arousal points.
    Subliminal issues of self hate may exisits with some but for the vast majority, it’s just not that complicated.

    • Toni at 11:25 pm

      I am in agreement with you especially with regards to the religious aspects. Although, I am a Believer that there is a being much higher than us and I also believe that the Being is within.
      Dr. J is going to do whatever makes him feel good so people need to get past that, It is his personal business. I feel that some people think there is another Black Man that is leaving his community going and giving it to another race…If you look deep inside that is a form of jealously, justified by some. I could give a hoot who Dr. J is marrying or doing…I like reading about some of the choices the stars make just for some brainless gossip

  19. EducBlkMan at 11:26 pm

    The discussion of why Black athletes covet women of other races would be more appropriate for the 80’s and early 90’s. A time before the hip-hop athelete. Once guys like Iverson hit the league we saw an uptick in same race couples in the NBA and NFL. You have to ignore the facts of the day to have this discussion of Willie Lynch programming. Yes, you have your Reggie Bush s’ and Micheal Jordan s’ , but you also have Lebron James and Dwayne Wade, both of whom have well known girlfriends and Black mother’s of their children. Kim Kardashian is a well known Black athlete chaser, Chloe is marries to Odom, and their younger sisters can be seen at many a hip-hop concert or after-party. But did you notice none of the Basketball wives of VH1 are White. And just to make things fair Dirk Nowitzki married his longtime Black girlfriend this year after winning the NBA Championship. Were White people acting like this was some new trend they needed to discuss and combat? No. Whenever Robert DeNiro shows the world his latest Black girlfriend does it require an expose into interracial Hollywood? No. There are enough examples of strong Black love in sports that we don’t have to freak out everytime some athlete buns up some White girl, so don’t fall for the bait. Grant Hill and Tamia, Alonzo and Tracy Mourning, Shaq and Shaunie, now Shaq and Hoopz, Matt Barnes and his girl, Doug Christie and his, Shannon Brown and Monica, Daniel Gibson and Keisha Cole, LeBron, DWade, Carmelo and Lala, Chris Bosh and his folks, the list of Black atheletes who are in relationships with women of color is longer than the opposite. Chill out, as long as she’s a good woman her skin color shouldn’t matter. Plus the more inter-racial couples means less White people. I have a Irish great-great-grandmother on one side and a Cuban great-great-grandmother on the other. Guess what? I’m still Black. In 50 years all Americans will be mixed anyways. DOn’t trip the next time you see Reggie Bush or M.J. with a White chick. They’re just doing their part to bring us all together.

    • Joplin at 10:16 am

      And, is that your goal – to have all Americans mixed? If you are still black and proud of the fact, then why is it so important to have a “mixing bowl” here? Perhaps, do you think that the fact that whites, blacks and others who intermarry will negate racism in this country or will we end up like some of the racial hiearchies in Afica, Central and South America where “white” is still KING, brown is preferred if you are one of those insufferable imbeciles who (gasps!!) decide to marry “black” and produce those racially undesirable progeny, will they still suffer the brunt of this racial hypocrisy and brutality?

      NEWSFLASH: In a right world, a just world – one should just be okay to be. One’s status, comfort or acceptance should not be predicated on being mixed so that he/she will not have to experience the sting of racism and bigotry!!! It is absolutely mindboggling and asinine that people actually think that racial mixing is the panacea to our race problems in America and other colonized/racially diverse countries that have been racially mixed for centuries and are still rife with racial hatred and intolerance!!!

      Nothing will change until people accept that God made various races for a reason and you are the race with the physical features that he intended. We are not responsible for how we were born in this life and should not be accorded some kind of “racial preference status” simply because we do not or cannot achieve some kind of manmade racial litmus test!!

      If people truly want to intermarry because they want to be together, then that is their right. But, to use interracial marriage as some kind of vehicle to bring the races together to eradicate racism is, at best, naive and simplistic. So, those that choose to marry their own race (like most people have done over time), should do what and be categorized as what? Perhaps, archaic and extinct; once these new racial mixtures increase and become more prevalent. Will we still be accepted or will we have to be on the bottom of the racial totem pole and kept in our racial place like the untouchables of India or the “blacks” of the old South Africa?

      How will this new, more “racially improved” system work for those of us who choose not to participate in it?

  20. Will at 7:44 pm

    I didn’t read any of the comments before mine but my initial response is “SO WHAT??” We as a people need to stop pigeonholing ourselves. People will love who they want to love. It doesn’t matter what color (Why are we so hung up on that?) CUBAN is just another shade of Black. AND as for Mike’s money – may I quote Bobby Brown, “I made this money. You didn’t” – My Prerogative. Let’s build businesses and give back to those who believe in uplifting Black Americans. What others do shouldn’t affect your direction. I love you all but stop the Hatin’!!

  21. Edward at 8:23 pm

    After reading some of the postings, I have an important question, does it really matter who MJ marries? Will it impact our lives or more importantly, other than he and the woman he is about to marry….who cares? Sure he is marrying someone much younger and prettier than most but what’s the big deal? What have you to say when our sisters with money do the same thing? I don’t even give a shit and that’s real. We all are probably part of a survey that monitors this site just to see how each person from “The Nation Wide Black Community” responds to this type of shit. Some of you get here and slam the other for what is said and for what real reason?
    I usually read the comments and enjoy what I have read because it plays out like comic a comic book without pictures.
    Maybe one day there will be complete Unity in the Black community but not today and looks like it won’t be any time soon.
    Let’s give Our President A Second Term!!!

  22. Rex Rush Sr. at 6:30 am

    So what, the man has proposed to his white girlfriend. What’s the big deal,he’s dated black women and was married to one for a long long time. Stop it already with this nonsense about the race one chooses to indulge him or herself. What color is love anyway? Or more appropriately, what ethnicity does love favor? I’m sure that there are many, many black wives out there who are very happy and very much in love with their white husbands and vise/versa. Oh, and by the way, why is the man’s personal life anyone’s business anyway?

  23. Edward at 7:08 am

    Well, I’m back and much to my dislike, I’m here only for a correction! How many of you knew and know that when the SLAVES……escaped the slave-ships that huge a group were able to escape to the carribean islands? Guess what? That includes Cuba and like here in America, there are “Light Skin” Blacks! Yup, it’s true, so before you get all racial, I suggest we do some homework and know before we knock and be negative about a person’s choice. If you didn’t buy a pair of his shoes, then keep it moving and let it have no impact on your life. By the way, some of you should visit Chicago too!
    I’m just saying.
    Let’s give our President a Second Term!
    Love Peace and Happy New Year.

  24. kenesha at 10:15 am

    Who cares what color she is, no black woman have the right to get mad just b/c a black athletic doesn’t want you. They have the right to date, married whoever they wont. Yes i am black and i do not care, go get a man that want you and stop worry about why all ballers are out there marry white women. Black women are focusing on the wrong issues….

  25. Elisha Bar Edwardz at 12:44 pm

    If all MJ can do is announce this, but not DEnounce this Concord plastic,patent-leather sneaker nonsense, then he needs to be mobilized against and boycotted. His PTSD @ being a pre-AirJordan dark, skinny,nappy-headed(dare we say attractiveness-challenged?)Tobacco Road kid is manifested in smugly basking in the glow of his own mundane “achievements” and settling scores, much like his juvenile and pedestrian Hall-of-Fame induction speech. He, and the likes of the Kobes & “king” Jameses doggedly trailing his much ballyhooed “greatness” prove a fact: “You ain’t gotta be smart to get rich.”

    This is the same Nimrod who made the “republicans buy sneakers too” disclaimer.

  26. Pat at 5:35 pm

    I really miss my ex. He had no attraction for White women. They don’t age well anyway. I am in my late thirties and this week the store where I wanted to buy a lottery asked my ID card. Lol!!! This is black beauty, we don’t crack. I reaaaally don’t see what our brothers find in White women.

  27. Globee at 4:17 pm

    Love is love, no matter what color. but don’t use us (women) to build your empire and then decide you want to be with the other woman.

  28. DantanaGreen at 2:57 am

    Mike knows he wrong for marrying the white bitch and that’s the bottom line it reflexs the selfhate he’s living with like a lot of our sisiters and brother sometimes especially the ones of a darker huge by mike marrying that dog he is mentally trying to run out of his skin but no vatacation trip and no drug will erase what he sees in the mirror he has to look withn and learn to self love not only himself but his race. I wish her real wick nature reveal itself before he walks say I do.

    • BlackBeauty at 3:48 am

      You are extremely ignorant and foolish.
      I am sure Michael Jordan would not marry or be with a “bitch” or a “dog”.
      From the way you have presentated yourself, you appear to be the one on the bottom.
      Michael Jordan was married to a black woman for years and they had children together.
      Leave others alone and make sure you are doing what you need to do for yourself and your family.
      Check yourself and stop the hate!

  29. Phyllis Reid at 11:31 pm

    I want to tell you Black men something! About twenty/twenty five years ago, a white man told me….
    we want our girls to marry Black men because…..”our race is dying out” !!!
    And yes, their race is becoming extinct. Is that our problem? I think not.
    I just read, on Dr. Boyce’s website “Another “Perfect Couple” Bites the Dust: Seal Expected to Divorce Heidi Klum. Why do you think that is??
    Think Hard and Long before you jump into something you will pay dearly for, down the line!!!!

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  31. Sheila Tedford Spencer at 5:31 pm

    Who cares, people should be allowed to marry who they love and want to. Opinions are like ass holes everybody has one. I wish them the best and what God has blessed let no man put asunder. Hey if it didn't work out the 1st time, then try try and try again. Good luck to the couple.

  32. Triple-C™ (Ciamis Cyber Community) at 9:57 pm

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