Disabled Mother Of 6 Trades Her House For Minivan To Get Her Kids To School On Time



LaWanda Flake is a 36-year old disabled mother in Detroit trying to find a way to make a way.  The mother took some heat from friends and the public when she traded in her four bedroom brick house in a nice neighborhood for a minivan with 85,000 miles on it.  The house was in the same neighborhood once frequented by Diana Ross, but Flake didn’t care, she made the trade anyway.

The mom wanted to make the trade so she could get her kids to school on time. She was disappointed with the local bus service, and wanted to make a change.  So, she put her house up on Craig’s list, which led to a pile of offers from all over the country.  She was even offered better cars, like Corvettes and a Bentley.  But instead, she settled for a 2006 Chevy Uplander minivan.

via Your Black Gossip: The Official Source of Black Celebrity Gossip: Disabled Mother Of 6 Trades Her House For Minivan To Get Her Kids To School On Time.


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  1. This prayer is for you that God make a way -that you and your family will be blessed by the Lords Unchanging Hands There is a ram in the bush and it is your blessing I pray THAT Gods will be done in your behalf keep the faith hold on God is able to do this believe in his name AMEN!!!!!!!!!

  2. Clearly, this lady lacks education being that she has 6 kids and no mention of the father(s). Seems to me 1 of the deadbeat fathers should’ve provided transportation to and from school for these kids.

    Having said that, if the kids have a roof over their heads, let Flake continue to be the uneducated fool she is.

    • @ Mr Lewis,

      Your points are well said, sir; and you have stated the obvious. Having said that … what can we do as a people … A people aware of this epidemic dogging the black family. We have black politician, black policeman, black lawyers, black judges, black millionaires and now a black president. But no one in the black family wants (to or is capable) to deal with the black gorilla in the room.

      • The only thing in this room is a ignorant racist like you

    • add you a d– fool for the statement u just made

  3. How stupid can we possibly get? How low can we go?

    • yes ther is more to the story think read understand get the facts before u open ur mouth; somethings u can not take back; whatever she did it belonged to her to do with as she wished; was she asking anybody for anything; she did what she wanted to do to take care of her children i suppose u do not have any; how do u know abouut her education; this is for mr. lewis who r u to judge? what has her having six children have to do with anything for all u know they could have been her nieces or nephews ect. that she called hers; GET THE FACTS BEFORE YOU SPEAK BECAUSE IT COULD BE FICTION!

  4. And shes not disabled. She broker her toe. Check out her Twitter Page

  5. *broke

  6. smh what a woman…

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