Dialysis Patient Evicted From Home After Family Break Drug Rule

A Virginia woman who suffers from a disease that affects her kidneys will lose her residence in public housing over a drug policy her mom and boyfriend broke.

Shelly Anderson, 33, will be evicted because the father of her children, Arthur Bates, and mother, Fannie Anderson, were found in possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia, breaking a drug war policy developed by the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Fannie and Bates, who didn’t live with Anderson, were staying in the home to watch her kids while she was on dialysis.

Under HUD’s one-strike policy, any drug offense may lead to eviction from public housing, even offenses of which the tenants themselves are unaware and even if the offenses were committed off-site. And that has led to cases like Anderson’s, in which a poor, single, desperately ill woman and her three kids may lose the only place they have to live over someone else’s misbehavior.

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  1. How sad; your own mother and children’s father make you loose your home at Christmas. I pray that you will get another apartment quickly…

  2. I am reluctant to feel sorry for this young lady because she knew, I am sure, what her mother and her “baby’s daddy” was up to. It is her responsibility to make sure she takes care of her childrena and make sure they have a safe home and the things that help them grow into respectful adults. And if she chooses to let her mother and babys daddy help her lose their home, its is her own fault.

    • I take it you can read, but yet are incapable of real understanding. The woman has a life threatening kidney disease and little if no support resources at all. How about starting there and see if you come up with something different. Pray you never fall this ill. With your lack of compassion you will surely reap what you sow!

  3. OMG really Shirl and Samantha? That’s your reaction to this story? You’re not outraged that people are being tested for this?

    Does HUD require drug tests on all of the bank executives and other poverty pimps that profit from taxpayer funding?

    The head of HUD, aka the President, is an admitted user of drugs himself, as were the two presidents before him. This is one of the most offensive, hypocritical rules in this country.

    • Get you fact straight. The head of HUD is Shaun Donovan, past Commissioner of New York Housing Authority. Obama bashing is on that other site. You know the one ran by the DO NOTING Teabag republican party.

      • Shaun Donovan’s boss is Obama. He’s the one who hired him and he’s the one who can fire him. I’m not Obama bashing. Just stating facts.

  4. Well, that’s very sad. But don’t be unhappy these things are part of life. Just face the situation bravely and try to find some way to get out of it. Till then you can go for some family holidays, this will make your mood happy and you will be ready to face those challenges with your full zeal.

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