Compton Girl Becomes Youngest Black Woman To Fly Solo Across The United States

Kimberly Anyadike flew straight out of Compton with a Tuskegee Airman by her side, later becoming the youngest black woman in American history to fly solo across the entire United States.



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  1. Great post! Great Job Kimberly!

    • so proud just sent the link to CNN & MSNBC…for what it’s worth

  2. Impressive, truly. But does “solo” mean having an expert pilot as co-pilot?

    • it’s folks that always have something negative to say that are a large contribution to why Blacks as a people have been unable to really move forward


  3. You “represented” Sister-Daughter…indeed you did! Congratulations! I know you must have had God as your co-pilot… Stay safe and blessed! You made us proud…

  4. Our young sister had the courage of king David strapping herself in that big plane willing to make that courageous sacrifice, for African American women and for the embitterment of all young African Americans a like, that we can do anything if we put our mind to it

  5. Yo when does her cd drop?

  6. I am happy to see something positive about the younger generation in our community! I am so tired of seeing young black women in compromising positions! I hate that the general public in American thinks of my young sisters in such demeaning ways. I have a young adult , my daughter and she is not taking her clothes off for a dollar or two. Thanks for the article because I needed this!

  7. Wonderful and this should be broadcasted by the mainstream media. Do you think Fox News will have her on?

    • not unless it’s something negative. not negative enough!

    • President Obama should invite her to the White House as his guest. This is more important than inviting the 1985 Chicago Bears to the Oval Office.

  8. Awesome job. May God continue to bless you in your future. This is a sign for hope for our young generation that we can do good in math, science, and english.

  9. An inspiring story about a young black female. Thank you.

  10. Excellent ,Kimberly and long live the power of Africa that flow’s through your vein’s.everyone should be reminded that anything is possible…

  11. congrats sista, I love you.

  12. i’m happy for the young lady. our kids can do anything they put they’re minds to! proofs in the pudding!

  13. Congratulations, Kimberly. Your story should be on the headlines of Yahoo and all TV networks as an example of what black youth can do. And I trust, of course, that she was inspired by Bessie Coleman, the first black female pilot.

  14. You Go Girl! and Donald Trump says we don’t have a “Role Model” here is one that came out of nowhere! Young, A.A., a Girl and from the “hood”

  15. Finally, something positive in the news about a black person! I hope I hear something positive about us in the news everyday!

  16. Black women have always been powerful n strong, just have to deal with all the obstacles placed on the path to deter, distract n destroy potential.

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