Common’s “Hell on Wheels”Coming Back For Second Season

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Common’s hit Western, “Hell on Wheels,” has been picked up for a second season according to The Hollywood Reporter.

After debuting in November to an impressive 4.4M viewers, AMC has decided to continue their adventure into the wild west with the conscious rapper.

“Hell on Wheels” is the fifth of six original AMC series to go beyond the “freshman” season.

The show was originally the most popular series on AMC.  The Season One finale is set for January 15th at 10 pm EST.  The show is produced by Joe and Tony Gayton.    It tells the story of America shortly after the Civil War, with the focus being on a Confederate soldier who is seeking revenge on Union soldiers who killed his wife.

Common plays a newly-emancipated slave who is connected to the construction of the first transcontinental railroad.