Why Buy Toys This Christmas When You Can Rent For Much Cheaper

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When you are a kid on Christmas morning, it’s all about volume. But when you are a parent, cruising the aisles of the toy-store in December, it’s about trying to balance a happy holiday with a reasonable budget.

There now a great new way to have plenty of toys under the tree, and all year, without breaking the bank.

It’s called Toygaroo, a website that lets parents rent toys for a fraction of what they would cost to buy.

Just like Netflix, parent allowed to set up toys into a queue. Depending on the service plan, every month or every other month, a box comes in the mail with a new set of toys from the queue. When the time is up, send the toys back and a new box will be on its way.

Here’s an idea of what you get and how much it costs.

The cheapest option is $24.99/month for a box of four toys.

If you chose the Toy Story 3 Speedway, The Thomas the Tank Engine laptop, Chicco’s radio controlled ATV and the Rolling Round Jungle. The retail value of those toys is $112.96.

If there is something your child just can’t bear to send back, or if something gets lost or broken, you can purchase the toy at a discounted price.



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