Breastfeeding Mother Accused of Indecent Exposure For Feeding Her Baby


A woman in DC was accused of indecent exposure after she was “caught” breastfeeding her baby in public.   Simone dos Santos was feeding her baby in a government building when an officer asked her to stop, claiming that what she was doing with her baby was “indecent.”

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  1. Anita from Virginia at 8:35 pm

    Being a woman, I am all for “motherhood” rights, etc., etc., etc., but, covered or not, why not go into the Ladies Room, or being an attorney their on busines, just asking one of the court officers for use of one of the “Counsel” rooms, which, is a more “private and secure” place other than in the “hallway” of a public building — and, a building where there are “criminal elelments” walking freely around! In the hallway of a courthouse — come on now, let’s use some common sense. Also, being a woman, I’ve asked to be moved away from “mothers nursing at a table” near or next to me in a restaurant. Personally, I don’t want to look at your breasts while I am eating. And to make matters worse, I’ve seen men “get excited” by “oggleing:” this mere act — why put yourself and your precious baby in danger. This is a crazy world out here, and I’d rather be safe than sorry!!

    • PETE WELLS at 9:29 pm

      I bet you are not even a woman, if you were you wouldn’t be so hyped over something that is natural. I say if the baby is hungry then feed the child, if you haven’t seen a titty before I think it’s time you do.

        • heather at 4:18 pm

          would you eat in a public lavatory pinkladee??? Probably not. Federal law states we have the right to breastfeed anywhere we have the right to be. Get with reality peope. Breasts are not sexual parts!

          • Annie at 6:17 pm

            I agree with Anita. As a mother you should be thinking about every situation when you have a baby. there should be extra diapers, extra clothing, and yes people even bottles with milk. My mother breast fed all of us and she never did it in public. No excuses at all!
            I understand all about freedom and individual rights, however there is that tiny thing called decency and morality. Two items that society nowadays has completely forgotten existed. If you don’t prying eyes ogling at your breasts while your feeding your child. if you don’t want to be accused of being indecent then do the public a favor breastfeed at the privacy of your home. Now, if you find that you have an emergency and the child is hungry then use a baby nursing cover.

    • Mellissa at 1:36 am

      I wouldn’t feed my child in a public restroom… That is nasty.

      Breastfeeding is perfectly natural, and mothers feeding their children in public cover up. Trust me, I don’t want you checking out my breasts any more than you claim to not want to see them. The person that sees a mother feeding her child and has unnatural thoughts are the sick ones… Not the mother doing what is natural.

      Furthermore, until they provide designated mother/ baby rooms in buildings, in orddr to feed their children, then no one has a right to say there is an undesignated area to feed a child. And that shod include having mothers of bottle fed children to feed their children in such designated areas as well.

      And, don’t let me catch a grown person eating in public… Haha… How sick is that? I can’t believe they would actually nourish themselves in PUBLIC!

      But seriously…

      That officer should be ashamed. That is a prime example of a superiority complex.

    • Oren Elow at 6:23 pm

      You just don’t know better. Would you eat in a lady’s room/toilet? Maybe you would. You wrote as if you are an intelligent person and want us to believe so. However, instead of trying to impress the readers with words you should have been teaching you family members that it is cool to eat in the s..t house!

    • Fran Barnes at 10:53 pm

      Some of those restrooms are nasty. I wouldn’t want to breastfeed my child in a restroom anyway. There should be separate rooms provided especially for breastfeeding mothers. As for the men who “get excited” by “oggleing:” this mere act should pull their mind out of the gutter.

    • marilyn at 3:20 am

      I live in New York City. I’ve breastfed all my three kids. I knew that breastmilk was the most important nutrient I could give my kids. For those of you who don’t know; to keep your milk supply high the baby must be latched on to it. I breastfed my kids breastmilk exclusively for 6 months. No water, bottles, baby food. The breastmilk had all those things in it. Living in New York, I breastfed my kids everywhere. At the amusement park, museums, church, the subway, supermarket, at a courthouse; anywhere and everywhere. When the baby is crying for food you have to feed it. Of course people stared but when I ignored them they just look away. I did have a problem with the wives who thought nursing a baby would get their husbands too excited. I remember going to a restaurant with close friends. My father-in-law would not sit at the same table with me when he realized I was nursing. Some women said, do you have a towel to put over the baby’s face. I said that would make it hard for the baby to be comfortable. I stood my grounds, I never stopped nursing until the baby was done. My kids are 11, 9 and 5. They don’t get the ear infections, nasty colds, sick days from school; that their classmates get. To the lady who was breastfeeding in public. Just keep doing these people will just get use to it. In Brooklyn, New York its a natural thing

    • DueGee at 4:51 am

      Her breasts and the infant were covered the whole time, if that still bothers you the gaurds or anyone else you should npt be employed in an area where you have to deal with the public.

  2. merridee at 9:55 pm

    If women were not intended to breast feed their children, nature would not have endowed us with breasts- mammary glands – in the first place. The perversion – the absolute filthy, utter perversion – has been the practice of demeaning and trivializing this beautiful, natural and elegant function and treat it like it was filthy, wrong and/or criminal.

    For people to tell women to nurse in the bathroom — that’s just sick.. You don’t eat your own meals in bathrooms.

    • susan at 7:21 pm

      why would you expect anyone to eat in a BATHROOM.. that is the most disgusting thing i have ever heard.. its about you eat your lunch in there too!

  3. WizardG at 12:42 am

    This another case where people are telling other people how to live and how to be! They use all sorts of methods to control, manipulate, and literally abuse the rights and freedoms of individuals. In most cases it derives from religious beliefs and errant laws. To make matters worse this three tiered society where the rich elite and powerful can get away with murder and the working and poor suffer and attack each other, and then there’s a level of restrictions for “people of color” be they rich or poor! If people would bother to study each of their personal idiosyncrasies then they might see comparisons to the fringes of lunacy showing in us all!
    It is insane to think, order, and even threaten a woman feeding her baby anywhere! Laws should need not be made to protect a mother’s rights to feed her baby, but here we see laws for and against! This is only one of the many maniacal signs that show how insane humans are. What degree of lunacy each individual functions on is worth exploring. Most people deny so many realities while accepting so many things unbelievable. How insane is that? The man felt it his duty to offend and literally attack a mother while she calmly and quietly fed her child. I see the indecency and craziness in his mental directives, and the further those directives go out and upward among “leaders” and “officials”, the more numbers of insane minds there are to be observed!

  4. nicole at 1:23 am

    i cant stand it when i hear people say “she could just breastfeed in the bathroom” Really?! For those of you who think thats a possibility, let me ask you: What public bathroom would you eat a meal in?

  5. LADYDAY at 1:58 pm

    Well put, Nicole, Wizard, Merridee, Dixie, Melissa, and Pete. People are so out of touch, they just go with the flow and do what they are told not what is naturally right. People have issues within themselves and won’t deal with them but want to judge and change what does not need to change. Some people just don’t and never will get it.

  6. heather at 3:47 pm

    to everyone insisting we go to the restroom … Would you take your lunch break sitting in a bathroom stahl?!?! I don’t think you would. Why would you expect ababy to?

  7. heather at 3:48 pm

    to everyone insisting we go to the restroom … Would you take your lunch break sitting in a bathroom stahl?!?! I don’t think you would. Why would you expect ababy to? Besides, federal law says we have the right to breastfeed anywhee we have a right to be. Being a lawyer, you should know rhat!

  8. Richard at 5:36 pm

    God gave women breasts to feed babies with. Men made sex symbols out of them. Any man who gets aroused by seeing a woman feeding her baby (don’t grown-ups eat when, and whereever they get hunger?) needs treatment.

  9. Annie at 6:03 pm

    I am a woman, but I have to agree with the police officer. I think it is indecent to breastfeed your baby in public. I am sorry but no one wants to see a woman pop out her breast to feed her child. Not because it is disgusting but because of the privacy a child and mother should have during the feeding. If the child was hungry then the mother should have went to a bathroom or go to a maternity room (if available). Now for the comments stating that the bathroom is nasty there are alot of ladies restrooms that have a place for a mothers to feed and they have lounge chairs, etc. Now lets say if she did not have the use of the bathroom then use a cover . I have seen mothers who breastfeed their children but use a baby cover to allow the child to feed without the prying eyes of the public. My mother breastfeed all of us and SHE NEVER DID IT IN PUBLIC. IF we were hungry she would bottle her breast milk to have it at hand if she was going out. sorry but there is just no excuse.

    • susan at 7:23 pm

      you are woefully ignorant of breastfeeding and when and where it should occur.. its acutally against the law for anyone to stop her..

  10. Neferkare at 6:32 pm

    True, female breast in this culture have been sexualized to the extent that males pay money to go to topless bars or to be served from topless waitresses. There are some topless beaches and resort where females can go topless. For males all beaches are topless because there is no such restrictions for males. In some cultures females going topless is natural especially in hot climates like in Africa. For a female to be turnoff by a female breast may mean there is some latent lesbian tendency. Males go to restrooms where the urinals are close to each other and heterosexual males do not pay attention to another male genitals. Breastfeeding is natural and normal.

  11. Joseph L. Bass, EdD at 9:55 pm

    No number of government regulations can prevent government representatives/officers from doing stupid things, particularly in Washington, D.C. It amazes me that people continue to see government as a vehicle for improving society. Government does much more harm than it does good. Joseph L. Bass, EdD

  12. Commonsense at 12:36 am

    In the article, it said that she was covering her son with a jacket–it wasn’t like she was walking around topless. Only in America do people have these puritanical hang ups–anywhere else in the world it would not be an issue. Breastfeeding is not sexual, it is a natural act of feeding and nurturing your child–i breastfed my kids and I covered up, so there was no problem. Go work out the body/sexual issues with a therapist and stop infringing upon other people’s rights. SMDH…

  13. TGH at 12:59 am

    Only humans will fed their young milk from another animal. I breast feed both of my kids and was always covered. Even so, I got reactions ranging from the “evil eye” to people wanting to ogle my breasts. Breast feeding is so natural (and BTW sanitary and free) that I just don’t get the backlash. Nurses and pediatricians advocate it, but still, some people look at you like you are some kind of freak if you breast feed your child in public. To me, the chick walking around with all of her “goodies” hanging out is the freak, not a mother simply trying to feed her child. Rather than threaten this woman, why not direct her to a place (i.e., lounge or secluded corner) where she could breast feed in privacy and in peace? SMDH as this a$$ backwards society we live in.

  14. SEL at 6:14 am

    I don’t get what is so wrong with breastfeeding in public. Make a bottle to take out in public why that’s one of the best things about breastfeeding your baby, not having to make bottles. It’s other people insecurities and issues with a women breastfeeding in public. Breastfed all three of my children who are 12,9,4. Never once did I expose my breast to the public and sat in places that I was comfortable in. I wish I would have someone ask me to leave or go in a nasty stall to feed my child. Not all bathrooms have lounge areas to nurse comfortably. Heck you don’t get that reaction when you are feeding your baby that man made formula. Once we get over the sexual hang ups of nursing a baby we will stop having issues like this. We live in such a close minded world. Other countries women don’t face the garbage women face in the United States.

  15. Monique at 3:35 am

    I think this whole thing is ridiculous. First off, it’s a natural thing to breast feed. I don’t think they had ‘maternity rooms’ in the days of our Lord Jesus Christ. Second, she was covered up. Third, the officers had no business harassing her out of nowhere. I think she should sue for mental anguish to teach them a lesson. It’s just another one of the ‘Let’s control everything you do, but make like it’s because of the law’ (which the officers’ were not aware of) moves. People need to just chill out. Yeah, she could have just put her milk in bottles, but that’s not the same as actually feeding the baby from the body. I think it gives a mother a good feeling knowing that she is nurturing her baby directly from her breast and it’s a beautiful thing. Stop trying to twist it into soft porn.

  16. Monique J. at 8:18 pm

    All of this excitement over a working breast! Back in the day, I joined the La Leche League because I got no support from black folks. I nursed both of my daughters; and my oldest daughter breastfed my granddaughter. She covered herself, she was discreet, and nothing happened to her. I know if anyone had something to say, they would have to deal with me. A white woman went through the same thing as Ms. dos Santos. The result? Women from the La Leche League had several flash mobs of breastfeeding mothers. One took place outside of Target. They were sitting on the floor outside of the store and nursed their babies. They said their civil rights were being violated. No one was arrested. Young Black mothers have to ignore the naysayers and do what they know is right. Join the La Leche League.

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