Braxton Family Values: Traci Gets Her Shot to Sing Background and Walks Off Stage

by / December 9, 2011 News 3 Comments

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Braxton Family Values: Traci Gets Her Shot to Sing Background and Walks Off Stage


The title of tonight’s “Braxton Family Values” episode, “New Doo-Whop Chick,” is about the trials and tribulations of Miss Traci as she finally gets her chance to sing backup for Toni.Of course there’s drama involved.Toni dispatches an impatient Tamar to teach Traci how to get her doo-wop-pop-pop on properly. Meanwhile, Towanda adds pressure by seriously doubting that Traci is anywhere near stage-ready.And finally, Traci’s big moment backing Toni alongside Towanda and Trina at an Indianapolis gig turns disastrous when her memory goes blank – and she just WALKS OFF STAGE, leaving Toni in shock.

via Braxtons: Traci Walks Off Stage Mid-Show; Tamar on Lack of Fist Fights.


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  1. This is true, but you also NEGLECTED to state that she returned & it wasn’t disastrous. Please tell the WHOLE story, not just bits & pieces to sensationalize your story.

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