Black Man Refuses to Take Down His Confederate Flag

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He has an attorney who is helping him to get permission to fly the flag. He sees it as a symbol of states’ rights,not racism.  Is he crazy?  You be the judge.


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  1. The young man is either doing this because he is mentally ill or to get peoples attention. Regardless, this is not important enough to warrant any further interest on anyone’s part beyond relevant qualified professionals dealing with this matter first hand.

    • CA3: I agree wholeheartedly!

    • Could it be that he believes in what he is doing? He needs no one’s permission to express himself. He is not subject to any other person’s standards.

  2. There is little wrong with believing in a cause worth fighting for. Taking a stand against an antagonist or force that presents a clear opposition against whatever ground you stand. This, however, is not a good example of when & how to chose a battle. True, any flag hung may offend anyone, but when that flag is hung in a window, especially a flag that carries the history that that particular flag does – it advertises that offense and it invites the same opposition this young man seems keen on facing. Not wanting to take it down simply b/c you don’t want to give in seems trivial… The term African-American doesn’t demote one to half a citizen, it acknowledges a person’s cultural roots… Southern pride does not stem from a flag, it comes from the heart and is shown in action. This holds true for any geographical claim… Unfortunately, just like this overbearing patriotic craze that seems as popular as celebrating ignorance, some folk miss the simple logic. No one can claim these lands except the people who were once forced to reside on reservations. Realizing this, does any “American” have any right to tell anyone else to “go home”, “get off our land” or “go back where you came from”? Nah. People concentrate so sternly on borders and differences, but just like this young man they should probably take some time to consider doing a little more research into history and common sense.

    • He could be over in Libya killing African people for not good reason. Some 22% of those in Iraq and Afghanistan are Blacks over there murdering people for no cause other than they can, they have the big guns and the tall ships. I would rather have him where he is. If he changes his mind later there is no collateral damage as in war.

      • haha…. he said he was in college not Libya killing Africans…

  3. Someone sit this young man down to a viewing of A Birth of a Nation. If he still feels the same then he needs a DR.

    • right on

    • no…..someone beat this kid over the head with a history book on blacks in the state of south carolina..

      he is living proof that south carolina is rank second in the u.s behind mississippi as the dumbest state in the country

  4. He is misinformed or he’s of the mindset as the “colored” man who was trekking across America toting the confederate flag and bragging on his forefather’s role in the civil war against the Yankees! This man (H.K. Edgerton) is featured on most of the confederate sites. As Harriett Tubman stated “I freed a thousand slaves I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves”. Obviously, this young man doesn’t know or care about black folks’ history in this country or he chooses to follow in the footsteps of those colored folks who willingly fought to keep themselves in bondage. *smh*

  5. this guy needs to learn his HISTORY ! im part creole and part AFRICAN AMERICAN i love my black heritage ! to me what i took from this was this guy is confused. He needs to learn the history behind this flag…

  6. Sorry, this young man have no clue to what this Confederate Flag repersent:( Just listen to him he have no clue and the “KKK” will love to have him on there team:( I wish he could get real understanding of what this Confederate Flag repersent,.. The American Flag out weight the confederat flag, I just look over it when I’m driving on I 275 here in FL you can’t miss it, a lot of people here are still fighting to remove it why not put the United States Flag up, as for me there’s are other important things to worry about than focus on this Confederat Flag:) this young man can do what ever he wants to do:) He have a lot of learning to do and he’s also confuse:(

  7. I wouldn’t be surprised if this idiot is being paid by some racist right wing conservative organization. If not he’s just plan stupid. The type of white southerners who champion that flag are racist plain and simple. This would be no different if a Jew were to put up a flag of a Nazi swastika and say it’s about German pride. And black conservatives wonder why most black people see them as self hating Negroes.

    • David,
      Man, you don’t waste time in going off in space on yuor own tangent.
      Who says this guy is conservative? Does he have to bow to your wishes on a flag in order to NOT be a conservative? You sound as bad as a hater of conservatives and Black conservatives as you label so-called “racist” conservatives.
      Some/many Blacks use the ‘N-word’ while not being called a ‘sufferer’ of ‘internal racism’, ‘self-hating’, etc. Maybe this guy is deciding to ‘redeem’ the flag in the Southern Pride idea – we aren’t in the mid-1800s, anymore.
      Black conservatives are hated, called “Oreos”, etc., because they don’t bow their knees to the Leftist Orthodoxy of walking in lockstep with Democrats, the Left & Far Left.
      Sorry, but that’s the choice of blinded ideologues and not the fault of non-conformists, when the leftists auto-label Black conservatives.
      Your choice, too, if you are fooled.

      • What I wont do is waste my time debating a damn fool like you.

  8. attention getter…sad thing is the racist whites will exploit him to spread their racist messages….which will give him more attention

  9. People continue to say learn your history. The majority of what has been taught to us thru institutionalized education has the majority brainwashed. Most of what’s in history books is a lie. People would always tell me that I’m great with teaching and with kids, so why not become a teacher. I simply refuse to be a part of such a brainwashed system, and I believe the educational system as been created and was built on dumbing down individuals. I never stand for the pledge, for the simple fact that there is no liberty and justice for all. If people want the confederate flag down then I say take down the American flag as well. Sad part is, is that freedom starts when u can free your mind and disregard most of what u were taught in grade school. Please re-educate ‘yourself’. That are so many wonders to this world and to this life, society is built on keeping one built, to move like robots, and to question nothing.

  10. Let him fly his flag. Ignore him and hope he goes away.

  11. It is said, “it you don’t know your history, your future is doomed”. Enough said. Any notoriety given this young man is a total waste of space, time thought process and breath!

  12. You are quite deep, young man, obviously you are connected to that flag, I agree with so much that you’re saying; premarily the respect of yourself, first and foremost. I congratulate you!!!

  13. Maybe he once was a white man in his past life and he still thinks it is 1864!!

  14. HE’S BEEN WELL trained the SOUTH shall rise again…lol

  15. This dude needs to talk to Farrakhan. Because he is mentally sleep. But if the true be told, it doesn’t matter which way the stars and strips are it still mean racism!!!! This country was taken from the Indians. Slaves with their sweat and blood built it. It like six in one and half a dozen in the other. But truly brother needs some help. And be suprise how many other blacks feel this way. Some Blacks using the word Nigger and saying it’s just another word!!!

  16. Jesus. He speaks like he has a Confederate flag stuffed down his throat. I can’t even understand what he’s saying.

  17. Well I guess if he was flying it or hanging it 50 years ago. He wouldn’t be with us now. He be hung by a tree somewhere. Someone SCHOOL this kid… Geesh kinda imbarissing.

  18. I agree with CA.

    I went to school at Ole Miss in the R.O.T.C. program in the 70’s.
    Less than 10 years after the school being “desegregated”.

    I learned the history of that flag and others.
    It was indeed the battle flag for the Confederate states and no more during the war.

    Not until almost a hundred years later did the K.K.K., White Citizens Council, etc. usurp the flag to show their hate and contempt for black people. It was made a symbol of hate. Intimidation.
    I see the flag through two prisms.

    As a battle flag, I understand it and have a little bit of respect for it. That is academically.

    However, as a black man that grew up in the South and setting aside what I have learned in a classroom, it engenders a great deal of hatred in me.

    Maybe the young man is somewhere between those polar opposites.

  19. @Colonel Sixx, USMC ….were you not taught that the Southern forces committed treason? They were the original terrorist. They tried to over throw the government of the U.S.A. As a member of the U.S. MARINES, how would you react today to such a insurrection? They were REBELS, a renegade army, I have no respect for the cause, the flag, anyone who flies it or is sympathetic to those who do fly it. We are the U.S.A. one nation. I am a disabled Vet, Viet Nam Era. I hate the f..cking flag, what it stands for and anyone who flies it, of any color or ethnic background is confused and usually a ill informed racist jack off.

    • it would be awesome if people actually knew what the flag was used for, and what the civil war was actually about prior to giving your perspective. IT WAS STARTED FOR TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION. it has nothing to do with slavery, in fact Lincoln was trying to hurt the properous south by making slavery illegal and then when the south used their CONSTITUTIONAL right to suceed, Lincoln even tried to say hey keep your slaves but come back to the union. they didnt want any part of government like that. our founding fathers made ths provision in the constitution as a method of checks and balances in case something like that happened again. Was Slavery wrong? Absolutely, is it good that it ended? Absolutely. are english/white americans responsible for slavery starting, no, did they participate yes. fact portugese, spanish, and african tribal leaders started the slave trade before england ever thought of settling the new world. has every other group of people been subjected to the same treatment for 100s of years, yes. it is a fact of uncivilized society, thank god we are beyond that in this country now.

  20. This is nothing more than a man who wants attention. If he really believed in his flag, them he’d not even debate or hire a lawyer (huh?). The more stink he raises, the more attention he gets. He can fly the Vulcan flag for all I care, just shut up about it.

  21. let him fly it to take the attention away from him with this stupidity. with no attention…he will soon realize after graduation that he is still a negro and that flag is not going to give him a pass with the whites when it’s time to get a job.

  22. I don’t understand why not just leave him alone. It wasn’t a problem when Andre 3000 or Pastor Troy wore confederate flags as a symbol of the south, why are people making a big outrage over it. It’s his right to do so and I don’t think it’s anybody’s place to judge him for even if they think they understand what’s going on in his mind.

  23. A case of humans idolizing symbols while yearning for a need to be seen and heard. Welcome to the YouTube Age! When you find or develop a cure for Cancer, let me know, until then, all this crap means nothing.

  24. Somebody put some mess into this young man’s head. This is a perfect example of classical conditioning by socialization. This kid is in college. I am from the south. The KKK is living in the Black community, dating Black women and attending Black churches. I suspect that a racist brainwashed this kid. He is in college for pete’s sake. One of two things will happen, he will either drop out of school or he will graduate and realize this stupidity.

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