Black ‘Baby Alive’ Doesn’t Have Same Rights and Privileges As White ‘Baby Alive’ [VIDEO]

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When a Georgia mother tried to buy a doll for her daughter for Christmas, she never imagined that the doll might be more expensive if it was black, instead of white.

The Baby Alive doll is one of the top items on 7-year-old Ahzhane Taylor’s wish list this year.

Sunday, Ahzhane’s mother, Niaira Taylor, went shopping, armed with her daughter’s Christmas wish list, and a sale flier from Toys “R” Us advertising a sale for the Baby Alive doll at 20 percent off.

“I saw the doll she wanted,” Taylor recounted. “It was an African-American doll. I picked it up, went to the counter. They rang me up. It came up to $47 and some change.”

The only problem was that the doll was supposed to be much cheaper than $47.

Taylor snapped a picture of the sale price tag on the shelf, directly beneath the Baby Alive doll that she had selected. It showed a price of $31.99. But, she was charged the full price of $44.99.

Taylor said the dolls were identical down to their clothing and the way they held their spoons. The only difference was the race of the Baby Alive.

“I got a customer service representative and I asked her ‘What’s the difference between these dolls?’ And she said, ‘There is no difference,'” Taylor said.

A few moments later, the store’s manager was called in to help sort the matter out.

“The manager said ‘Yeah, it’s only the Caucasian doll that’s 20 percent off,'” Taylor recounted. “And I said ‘You mean to tell me I have to pay full price for the African-America doll, but they’re all the exact same doll?'”

“She said ‘Yes, unfortunately it’s a mess, but yes,'” Taylor said.

Taylor became so upset that she left the store without buying the doll, but not before she got the number of Toys “R” Us’ corporate office. “I was just in an uproar,” she said.

Taylor said she called the Toys “R” Us corporate office twice. Her calls were not returned. She later reached out to 11Alive News to share her story.

Wednesday, 11Alive’s Jaye Watson went to the Fayetteville Toys “R” Us. The sale signs from Taylor’s photos were gone. Both races of Baby Alive dolls were the same price — $35.99.

Watson asked the store’s manager about the price discrepancy, and she didn’t offer a comment or explanation.

But, Toys “R” Us’ corporate offices did issue a statement about the situation Wednesday afternoon.

Toys “R” Us has offered Taylor a $25 gift card.



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  1. You ever wonder why in poor black communities things are super expensive and across town it’s cheap…Just trying to keep blacks in the poor house.

  2. It’s not just Toys R Us. Food Lion does the same thing. I went to buy hair color and noticed that the blonde, light brown, and lighter colors were on sale. I took the black hair color to the counter requested the sales price and was told the darker colors were not on sale. This is not new.

  3. Why is this a story?!

  4. Black people always find something to fucking complain about. They always have to blow things out of proportion and call corporate and get loud and roudy. So what if the doll was more expensive, doesn’t mean just because it was “black” that was the reason. Get over it! Not everything is about you! And then you Guys wonder why people don’t like you? Yeah… That’s one of many reasons.

  5. Kelly Smith….go suck something! People always want to hate because Blacks are trying to get ahead in life…..just because the story is about doesn’t mean it isn’t relevant. Go jump off a bridge….you racist.

    • Girl, I bet you even if the doll was cheaper than the white one she would have STILL been complaining. He would have said it was “defeating” black people. This is about complaining about a stupid doll not about getting ahead. You want your people to get ahead? Stop using welfare money to buy drugs and new cars. Stop pulling the race card when shit gets tough. The only reason you guys get into schools or get okay jobs is because of affirmative action not because you guys are actually qualified. Haha. I laugh at you!

  6. *demeaning

  7. No matter how we try to slice it there is POWER in being black and if we COME together stop hating one another, support black own businesses, use black accountants, lawyers etc things like this would not even be an issue. So black people stop complaining and lets work together, support each other and CHANGE things!!!!!!!!

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