Bishop Eddie Long Taking Time Off From Church to Deal with Family Issues

by / December 5, 2011 Gossip, Legal 43 Comments

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Your Black World reports

Bishop Eddie Long has announced that he is going to take some time off from running his church to focus on his family.  Bishop Long’s wife, Vanessa, recently filed for divorce, and this appears to have taken the pastor’s attention.

Mrs. Long decided to file after initially changing her mind.  After further contemplation, she is now going through with the process.  Bishop Long says that he needs a sabbatical, but said that he will continue to serve as the senior pastor at his church.  His spokesman, Art Franklin, would not specify how long the sabbatical might be.

via Bishop Eddie Long Taking Time Off From Church to Deal with Family Issues.


43 Comment

  1. After taking some time off,I hope Bishop LOng returns with an answer,truful one of where his interest are.Let what ever he decides be the real him, that is the only way he can move and find himself.

    • WOW!!!! I can’t believe how gullabale everybody is on this board. While everybody on this blog does have a valid point about Eddie Long the monster, this man is still lying thru his teeth, and he’s still not humble. He is only trying to save face, and save himself because he’s literally in a lot of legal trouble right now, and he’s also graveling right now too. Eddie Longs attorneys and back-up people know damn well everybody has itching ears concerning him, so their only releasing information to appease our ears. This monster is not taking a sabatical, he probably finally been set down. There’s more to this artical them meets the eye. Eddie Long can run and hide, but he can’t escape God’s chastise and raft, these events are not over with by far. And Eddie Long was not the only one in his ministery involved in this scandle, just waiting for the rest of his shyt to hit the fan… All fans stay tuned to the next episodes….

  2. Bishop, you have to understand, that if you are attracted to the same sex, then it is unatural for you to be with a woman, thus your marriage or any relationship with a woman will fail. If you are attracted to both sexes, then you shold have chosen to be with your wife, and honored the oath you took with God, and the vows you gave to your wife. If you are hetrosexual, and you used these boys as they claim, then you have a need for power and control. You are the worst human being on earth. You are a predator, and you should not be around any children for the rest of your life. Not to mention, if you are hetrosexual, and then engage in male to male copulation, you are the biggest sinner in your church.

    • Thank you for keepingnit real

    • TRUE THAT!

  3. Eddie Long is, was, and has always been a homosexual – and a fraud. Plain and simple.

  4. For me the big issue is not long and his lies and robbery of Believers in the name of the Lord , but how could so many people be fooled by this Man and continue to support him after the obvious lies and sinful behavior with young boys?

    When this story broke and I saw pics of Long in spandex and muscle shirts and read that some of the boys stayed with him in his Hotel Rooms that was evidence enough, and once I heard the very believable interviews of two of the victims I knew Long was guilty as sin and I fully expected his church to banish him to Siberia.

    The fact that many of the people in his Church still support him is proof that you can fool some of the people most of the time and Humans see things the way we want them to be not the way they are.

    • True! Telling them what they want to hear and not the truth!

  5. I don’t blame your wife at all. This makes complete sence…Bishop Long, you need professional mental help for a # of reasons…the ‘trustees’ of your church should be held responsible and deal with your actions as the Sr. Pastor of the church…for starters, you need to get some professional mental help…
    You are clearly, a sick man…

  6. First off someone help me understand how does this homosexual still have a congregation? Are black people that thirsty for church that we feel we gotta take that? When Christ set up the Christian Congregation in Pentecost 33 c.e. he set the pattern of what true Christianity who be like Why & how do we perceive it can be acceptable to do it any other way than its founder & originator set it up as, how can we be Ok with homosexuality when Gods word CLEARLY condemn its practice! The bible clearly states that men who lie with men will NOT inherent Gods kingdom, God showed his indignation on the practice by wiping out cities full of homosexuals Sodom & Gommorah! It was law to the nation of Israel
    To stone any homosexuals found in their mist & at Mal3:6 God said that he hasn’t changed, just because humans say something is right doesn’t make it right, a homosexual is someone who gives into a wrong desire & its accepted in society due to its popularity, well. Pedophiles are people who also give in to a clearly. Wrong desire that’s just not popular among the masses, a clepto has a desire to steal & as long as he doesn’t he’s comiited no crime, supporting this clown is sick & sadley so are his supporters.

    to stone any found in their mist to be homosexuals to stone

    • AMEN Mjizak! Well said.

    • Preach!True! Telling them what they want to hear and not the truth!

    • The veracity of your post is incontrovertible but many people will still disagree because they want to be free to feed any and every sexual appetite!! It is absolutely incredulous to me that we are allowing our traditional, biblically based foundations to be eroded and virtually impugned by this push towards homsexual acceptance in all walks of life.

      Homosexual activists can say whatever they want, attack and ruin the reputations of others and cause them to lose their livelihoods simply because the person dissents or disagrees with changing all of our laws and cultural mores to accomodate something we know that now and, in the long term, is incompatible with our religious values and is deletarious to the health and welfare of the country and the world at large.

      They are largely winning the debate because those who dissent have bee draped in the robes of homophobia and bigotry. There needs to be a traditional movement in this country. One that will not call for annihilating or harming peope who want to be with the same sex but one that advocates for traditional marriage and relationships and upholds the family standards of husband, wife and children.

      I mean, do we really believe that we can live and prosper in a country that promotes sexual fluidity and just about every deviant sexual practice known to man? Do we really want our impressionable children to emulate these types of behaviors and be in a relationship with the opposite sex one minute and decide that they are now interested in the same sex and pursue their own gender?

      Well, you don’t have to debate the issue a minute longer because IT IS ALREADY HAPPENING IN ELEMENTARY, MIDDLE AND HIGH SCHOOLS ALL ACROSS THE COUNTRY!!! And, many parents are clueless and did not even know that their children where sexually active, let alone engaging in same sex escapades in the classroom, restroom, on the playground, at a sleepover and elsewhere!!

      We are losing our kids every day with the culture of apathy and sitting on the fence afraid to take a stand because we fear being called bigots!! Well, when the culture of Eddie Long and Jerry Sandusky become the norm and people start saying that pedophiles are children of God and deserve to be authentic and not vilified then we will know that the slippery moral slope has completely bottomed out!!!

    • Amen Mjizak… The bottomline is those people really, in all actuality don’t know God, and because they don’t know God they got caught up in the devils snare. Eddie Long is not the only one being chastised in his ministry right now. And God also has stones placed in that church to see this whole ordeal thru to the end. The stones are the special ordained intercessors, and they’re waiting to be released by God to go to their next assignmnt. Prophecy concerning the destruction of all Mega churches and prosperity ministeries went out as a warning in 2005, so this is just the beginning, so everybody keep your hats on and your unbrellas open and up over your heads, it has yet began to rain…. I love me some TD Jakes period, but somethings just don’t set right with me. How could he be in fellowship with men like Eddie Long and not know what they are involved in. I have a profound relationship with God and nothing gets pass me unaware.
      The word of God says: come from amongest them and be yea seperate thus say the Lord, and I will be your God and you will be my people. Many people misunderstand that scripture because they don’t realize that God was speaking agianst the religious church. The events concerning the religious church world thats getting ready to be revealed and uncovered is going to continue to shatter many people because they have not been worshiping the true and living God, they have been worshiping the bishops, pastors, ministeries, etc aka: things! things! things!…. God’s people have become the biggest whores of this earth bound universe… THOU SHALL NOT HAVE ANY GOD BEFORE ME… the people have gotten God twisted, and now he’s gonna show all their decrepted asses how he really does things. Warnings always come before destruction, so its not like they have not been warned several times… God has been knocking at the doors of the church for a long long time, and the church has refused to open their doors and let him in, so he has been walking amongest everybody else except the church. Thats why the bible says: the church will be the last ones to enter into God kingdom… So all of you who love being clueless and full of excuses! excuses! excuses! you get what you got coming… now maybe you’ll began to fall down on your knees looking up to your God with true repentive hearts… DESTRUCTION! DESTRUCTION! DESTRUCTION! is on its way, and every year on it will just rise to another level. Who shall be able to stand… Yes the rapture is coming, be who shall be able to stand before the rapture takes place…. Take your minds off the rapture and deal with the now… Where do each one of us really stand per individual in the eyes of our God…

  7. These so called “Men”isters and “Profitesses” ( yes a play on words here) are decieving people who have itching ears to believe lies as they want to hear themselves being pumped up and self gloried as if it is something in them that saves beside the One True God giving His son Jesus Christ for the chosen people who are maturing to know who they are. There is absolutely no way a humble Christian will be able to do the things that these people do without conviction by the Holy Spirit. I get jacked up and it bothers me to the point where it’s like I don’t want to do that thing again. Oh wretched woman that I am who can save me- Jesus!
    First Weeks, says he told his daddy he had finally met a woman fr him and his mom and dad gave blessing to him marrying Juanita Bynum and then he Menister Weeks beats the crap out f her and she divorces him- next fiasco is he then says God has given well read for yourself belw. One thing is for sure, someone is lying and trust me that it’s not God!!!!!!
    Months before, the Weeks guy( you know he is the “Menister” who beat the crap out of the” Profitess ” Bynum and put a video out about how much he was sorry for doing that to his ” Juanita his wife”. Well below is a quote from what he said for his new wife to be Profitess Christina that he had within months of that video
    “I am so glad that God has given me you, Prophetess Christina Glenn, as the greatest gift in my life besides himself,” Weeks tells his fiancé. “He couldn’t have made a better choice .”
    People stop following these other people who are not obedient and directing you to the true word of God. Do not be decieved! Even Jesus was attacked by Satan after fasting and he just gave the true word of God to him, but if you do nt know it, then you’re not going to be able to repeat it! Get a personal relationship with the God of Abrahm, Issac and Joseph!

  8. Let’s not confuse homosexuality with being a pedophile. This man “alledgedly” groomed young BOYS for is sexual fantasies. When they became adults he had nothing to do with them. If these were adult men when he had sex with them, then he would be considered a homosexual!!

    • san3456 I think you must be confused about what Homosexuality is ??????????
      A definition follows :
      a sexual attraction to (or sexual relations with) persons of the same sex.

      So it is clear that one can be a pedophile and a Homosexual .

      • Absolutely!!!!!

    • If things keep heading the way they are, he will be known as a pedosexual with rights!

      • I concur and if this trend continues, your prediction will be a fact!!!

    • A pedophile is a person attracted t pre-pubescent/sexually immature children. That would be a 6, 7, 8 year old. A 16,17,18 year old is sexually mature. If a heterosexual man is attracted to a young woman thats 17, there’s nothing wrong with that because she is sexually mature.

      In Eddie Longs case, since he is homosexual or bisexual or whatever, he is attracted to young, sexually mature men, which makes it a homosexual attraction. Furthermore, what we call “minors” is just an arbitrary legal definition for the purpose of signing contracts and what not.

  9. My veil of ignorance has been lifted and I strand corrected Members of Long’s Church have not blindly supported him and according to this article in today’s NY Times Online have been fleeing the Church like the man had herpes .

    Excerpt Below:

    Support for Bishop Long continues to shrink. Just before the sexual coercion settlement was announced, the Rev. Bernice King, the youngest daughter of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., left the church.

    On Sunday, a small group of antigay, religious protesters stood outside the church urging Bishop Long to step down permanently. They said they planned to return every month until he left.

    “He has a serious moral character flaw,” said Isaac Richmond, 73, the minister at the Church of Human Development in Memphis. “It’s a moral question and he’s a religious figure. We don’t want that image as a role model for young men in the African-American community.”

    The Rev. Timothy McDonald, a Baptist minister in Atlanta and chairman of the group African-American Ministers in Action, said that attendance at the church had dropped to 4,000 from about 8,000 at one point this year. Still, he said, it remains a powerful force. “Even on his bad days, if he gets 4,000 or 5,000, he’s still larger than 94 or 95 percent of most churches,” he said.

    Apparently one can only fool some of the people some of the time .

  10. @San3456, There is absolutely no difference between being a pedophile and a homosexual. What do you think the “homo” in homosexual means? It means “one gender” or “same sex” when two men or male lie down together they are committing a godless homosexual act. Please do not try and give Long a way out. If you are a pedophile or a homosexual you still are involved in immorality regardless what you want to label it. Eddie Long is a homosexual, he has or had a beautiful wife but he opted for young boys. He and that Penn State coach should be spending time in prison that way he will be able to take a long sabbatical. Maybe he’ll get what he wants everyday but he won’t be the one in control.

  11. This is all real talk but in a sense Satan has truly blinded & blurred the minds of the world to Gods elevated thinking & we’ve decieved ourselves to please ourselves, in Gods eyes a fornicater, homosexual, pedophile, rapists, ect are all the same, because to have sex without being married is FORNICATION & so there in lies the “gray area” so to speak & the reason Gods word has become unpopular because in Gods eyes That grown man & that consenting grown women that engages in a sexual relationship & are not married are fornicators & are lumped into the same categories as the above mentioned sin! That’s where Gods word now steaps on our toes but God WILL not lower his standards for us & if we don’t elevate ours just like that religious Harlot false religion we will not inherent Gods Kingdom 1Cor6:9,10 so all of these “Popular evangelist” Jesus said his true followers would be objects of hatred by people of all nations Matt24:9 so watch who you follow, it was said in a previous blog that Gods is knocking on peoples doors I’m starting to really see the pattern set by the most disliked group of people doing just that! We better all start listening & quit hiding behind our blinds.

  12. Pass the “koolaide” said the good black folks “we jest luvs us som Eddie Long” (negro dialect)

  13. This “Sodomite” is still as arrogant as ever!

  14. Anyone ever wonder why HIV is so prevalent among sisters?

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