AIDS Infected Former Howard U. Student Admits to Unprotected Sex on Campus

by / December 1, 2011 health 4 Comments

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Howard University campus heartthrob William “Reds” Brawner was a hot commodity. His former roommate and friend Mike Brown recalls an incident from their junior year.

“I didn’t know that Reds had a female guest in his room when another girl showed up unannounced,” says Brown, who was left to answer the door.  “Will liked the girls and the girls liked Will,” Brown says with a chuckle. They were young men in their college prime. This was a simpler time.

That simplicity for Brown and for so many others was lost in the summer of 2006, when Brawner began to tell the world that he had AIDS. It was a secret kept from everyone at Howard, including his sex partners.

via 25 To Life: In New Film, Man With AIDS Confesses Unprotected Past | Loop21.


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  1. Smh, this guy should be ashamed of hisself and so should the woman he’s been with the world gives you 99ways to protect yourself and you pick the one way that will get in in trouble…

  2. This is exactly why the Obama Administration SHOULD NOT be “redirecting” $50 million to fund AIDS. It’s being used to fund medicine, none of it is even being used to find a cure!


  3. Granted, this young man was wrong in not disclosing his status. However, it was 2006. These young women should not have been having unprotected sex. Assume everybody has HIV. Either protect yourself or don’t say a word if you get what you get.


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