Adidas Accused of Trying to Screw Church Servicing the Poor

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According to TMZ

A church near Chicago that caters to struggling members of its community claims Adidas is on a vicious campaign to torpedo the congregation, and a Chicago Bulls star is caught in the middle.

The Christian Faith Fellowship Church in Zion, IL trademarked the name, Add A Zero — and church reps tell us it’s using the trademark to sell clothing and other items to raise money for a new building, a food pantry and a day care program.

In 2009 — 3 years after the Church got its trademark — Adidas tried to register the name ADIZERO, for a sub-brand of its athletic clothing. Adidas is marking the line, using Bulls point guard Derrick Rose as its spokesperson. But here’s the rub … The U.S. Trademark Office rejected its application because the Church beat it to the punch.

Adidas then offered the Church $5,000 to give up its trademark, but the Church said hell no.

And get this … In November, 2010, Adidas petitioned the U.S. Trademark Office to cancel the Church’s trademark, on ground the Church hadn’t used the name enough. The petition is pending.

Three weeks ago, Pastor E. James Logan from the Church sent letters to Adidas, begging them to back down. The Pastor wrote, “I have long been an admirer of Adidas and would not expect a company of your stature, with celebrity endorsers like Mr. Rose, to try to use its wealth and power to bully a working class church.”

The Pastor also wrote to Rose, pleading for him to knock some sense into Adidas.




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  1. This is example of what happens when small entities make decisions that are fair and relevant. Later they clash with large entities and can not get what they need. RESPECT is what is needed. There is a nice opportunity for Adidas to make a positive statement. There could be an exciting partnership that could evolve. Offering $5,000 is not a partnership. That is tokenism. If they decided to partner there might be a manufacturing operation that employees 5,000 people in Chicago. That would be a major move in America.

    I can in contact with Adidas while I was in the U S Army in Germany. I purchased a pair of track spikes. I came home with them and when my younger brother began competing I purchased a pair of top-of-the-line white Adidas four-spikers.

    Derrick Rose, cease the moment. You could be CEO until you are 90 years old, long after basketball.

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