6 Arrested After Brutal College Campus Beating Video Goes Viral [VIDEO]

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Another viral video has surfaced online casting our community in a negative light. A video uploaded to streaming website World Star Hip Hop shows college students — yes, college students — cheering on a young thug who brutally beats another student to the ground before stealing his NIKE Foamposite Dark Pine sneakers right off his feet. The shoes went on sale in early September for $190, and they are in high demand since they’ve sold out everywhere.

The incident took place Friday (Dec. 2) on the campus of Dean college in Boston as White students walk by the scene as if it’s a normal occurrence to see Black thugs wildin’ out on their campus between classes.

Boston.com reports that six students were expelled from the college, and three more students are going through the school’s judicial process today. Their fate will be determined by day’s end, said Gregg Chalk, spokesman for Dean College.


via 6 Arrested after brutal college campus beating caught on tape : Sandra Rose.


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  1. ^ Main reason the dominant society shits on minorities.

  2. This why we can’t get no where. STUPID A#@ Fools. Brain must have been left at home that day. Cell phone camera’s will be the demize of the Xer’s. No Future for these brotha’s. I bet all ya’ll parents feel really embarresd right about now. I know I am and I don’t even know yah… WHAT the HELL were you thinking… Why where you even in COLLEGE…

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  4. bunch of monkeys. and you wonder why you people make up 90% of the prison population.

    Thanks GOD I am white.

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