5 Things Kobe’s Wife Will Ask Before She Walks Out the Door

by / December 18, 2011 News 6 Comments

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Kobe Bryant and his wife Vanessa shocked the globe by announcing their divorce this weekend.  But the deal is not entirely done, even though they’ve done a good job of making the whole situation seem oh so mature.  There are questions that Mrs. Bryant may be asking about the man she’s spent the last decade of her life with and some of them are very telling.

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  1. I am gonna say something that will not be popular among women , but the truth is often hard to take…….I am not saying it’s right , but most rich and famous men who are pestered by groupies offering sex constantly who are also away from their wives and families most of the time are going to ” stick their toe in the water ” so to speak. They could be trying to avoid temptation as best they can , but they are only human. Anyone who is surprised , or is shocked that Bryant and numerous others actually bedded someone other than their wife is not being realistic .

    Another way to look at it is the Wife who marries someone who is rich and famous gets extraordinary financial benefits and lifestyle and forfeits the fidelity that most people expect . I’m sorry such women do not warrant much sympathy after all they have the ability to rent an island and drown their tears in Lobster and Diamonds .

  2. On another note kobe’s kids look Mexican is he another rich and famous Black who avoids dating Black Women ? People are free to date who they want , but I wonder if Blacks who refuse to date women of their own race recognize it means they have self hate for themselves ?

  3. Kobe Bryant has done waaaaaaayyyyyy better then most and that isn’t to excuse his dalliances but let us be real…That woman jumped on the gravy train early because she wanted to live a charmed life! When a pretty woman is determined to marry rich, with all that entails, she better know that her beau is only flesh and blood. When you’re a multi-millionaire, celebrity, athlete with world wide adoration some women will introduce themselves to you in their birthday suits (how they got in his hotel room, go figure)! He is not the normal guy, living the normal life by any means. I’m surprised that they stayed together as long as they did. Things might have been different if he would have met her while he was still a promising future star instead of the ink not yet being dry on his first contract!

  4. When you follow this culture of death you will loose all of your common sense and degenerate to the
    basser level of life(animal nature). The culture we live in promotes sex power and low moral behavior
    to the masses (asses) , they think of us as dumb cattle and sheep. When you listen more to what man
    has to say about the way you are suppose to live your life rather than the one G-D that gave you your life
    what do you expect the out come is going to be?. The enemy of man ( mind) is working over time to
    corrupt and degrade as many as he can as he said that he would do as long as he can.
    We must fight the schemes of satan with the help of G-D .

    • I have to disagree…Kobe proposed to her and she married him against their wishes(they thought that she was too young and she was). Sorry, if she is going to take the steps and go against her parents wishes, then he has a responsibilty for his actions…you get caught and keep doing the same thing, you are wrong…you know what Einstein said about insanity!

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