Yvette Carnell: Jay-Z Can’t Sell His Occupy Wall Street T-Shirt

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by Yvette Carnell

Talk about out of touch. I guess since the chief ingredient of Jay-Z’s success formula has always been dumbing it down for black youth, then commoditizing on a largely fictitious hood life, I shouldn’t be surprised at his attempt to co-opt Occupy Wall Street’s momentum. After all, this is what hip hop has become hasn’t it? A genre where artists with less than stellar lyrical skills spout outlandish nonsense and then capitalize on it? If you whip black kids into a frenzy about 24/7 alcohol and weed laced celebrations, instant gratification, or over the top materialism, you’re sure to get offered a clothing or liquor line, right?

via Critics Force Jay-Z to Pull Occupy Wall Street Inspired Shirts « Your Black Politics.



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  1. I have to agree with you on the above topic. The rap/music game has changed as well as some people’s mentality/ethics . It is all about the all mighty dollar bill. It behooves me how we as a people continue to step on each other on our way up not realizing that we will definitely see the same people on the way down. For example MJ he at one point lost his way in the black community but during his trials and tribulations he then reached back out to the community he left behind. Jay-Z is not exempt, he found a way to capitalize off of other people’s misfortune. What a shame, he should and could have shared the wealth. He should have opted to share the proceeds with the people of Occupy Wall Street!

  2. J-Z on wall street telling anyone who will listen that capitalism is bad …. Then he tries to sell his stupid shirt. Well, go figure and maybe his little crowd will now start to occupy JZ. A capitalist out calling capitalism wrong, the ultimate hypocrite.

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