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With the Braxton Family Values reality show premiere two days away we are all anticipating what drama they will bring this season.  But from what we hear the drama started way before the camera’s started rolling.

According to an undisclosed insider Tamar Braxton is the Jezebel of the family and has slept with her sister Toni’s ex husband Kerri Lewis and a host of others. We also learned that Toni was intimate with Vince before he married Tamar:

via We Got Braxton Family Drama You Won’t Believe… | What The Ha-yell!.


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  1. Trashy!!! I do not find this entertaining at all!!

    • Most Americans eat this dung like eating ice cream……This is the reason these reality shows are so popular…..

  2. Sounds to me that they like to keep it in the family. Just NASTY!

    • SO RIGHT you are!!!

  3. I don’t believe a word of that.

    • I believe it because Tamar thinks she is so hot!! I also heard this before and I believe that Toni slept with Vincent. He is/was her manager and they spent a lot of time together.

    • I agree %100, it’s a bunch of BS!!! I don’t believe a word of it, smh…

  4. Cheap Sensationalism; and the Momma is just as immature and as stupid as the daughters. After this weeks episode, I think this season of the “show” should be all about individual and family therapy. Tamar thinks she is the cats meow, Traci has multiple personality “disorder”, Trina is just a fool in so many ways, Towanda has a brain; but doesn’t know how to use it; and Toni, what the hell is she thinking doing this show in the first place. A few suggestions; Tamar needs to learn how to apply makeup properly, she looks like Bozo the clown, Toni needs to put some clothes on that actually fit, Traci needs to find a custom wig maker, Trina needs to get rid of Gabe, the “serial cheater” and Towanda needs to use some of the money WETV is paying her, to rent an apartment for herself and her children, and let the kids daddy take care of them like he should; he has no pride at all, allowing himself to be seen on the show as we’ve seen him for two seasons; squatting in anyones house who allows him to and Towanda tolerates him; and he is disrespectful to her. Then the Mother, trying to compete with her daughters and acting like the senior version of Tamar; not looking much like a positive role-model for those crazy women she raised. This barrel full of apples certainly didn’t fall far from the tree.

    • I don’t like that Towanda and her so called husband is still squatting at somebody else’s house either. If she can’t buy a house, then she should rent one. I can really understand why Trina is fed-up but she doesn’t want to agree with Gabe that its time for them to MOVE!!! Her loyalty should be to her husband (at least while she is still married to him).

    • You forget that Toni was bankrupt more than once. She needs the money.

    • Obviously they hold your attention on some level for you to be so overly opinionated… But as I always say “to each his/her own”!

  5. Wonder what's true and what is not.. My grandfather used to always say believe nothing you hear and half of what you see… The "Ike Turner" comment Tamar made on a radio show really has me wondering.. Trina's husband Gabe also made comments about Vince being abusive…. But I still love the Braxtons!

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