Video Showing Teen Punching Homeless Man Goes Viral (Video)

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A horrifying video surfaced over the weekend showing a teen punching a homeless man on the Chicago El train.

The video, which appears to have been shot in April, was posted on the website World Star Hip Hop on last weekend and immediately went viral. It shows a teen walking up to a man who appears to be homeless and punching him, as his friends laughed.

The victim immediately fell to the ground and appeared to be unconscious.

The brutal attacker, still laughing, got on a train as a single bystander stopped in what appears to be an attempt to help the injured man and calls for help.

Most of the comments on the video page blasted the caught-on-tape bully for the heartless attack.

“Wow I’m ashamed to be from Chicago after viewing this,” one commenter wrote.

A Facebook page identified a man they say is the attacker in the video and urged that he be brought to justice.

Fox Chicago spoke to a woman the TV station reported was the attacker’s mother. She reportedly admitted her son was the attacker, and said he had been “going through some things.”

The Chicago Transit Authority told Fox Chicago they were looking into the matter. They did not immediately respond to a request from the News for comment.

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  1. was posted on the website World Star Hip Hop on last weekend and immediately went viral : what do you mean?
    looks like you watch Piano Briefs lol

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